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What Brinson Will Give You For $50K (Interview)

BL: I recently heard that Godchaserz recording artist, Brinson, has started a campaign to raise $50,000 to spread the Gospel via his third upcoming project entitled, “No Other Heros”. For those who know and follow Brinson, my response is to this campaign is, “$50,000?! O.M.G.” That’s a grip of money…more money, in fact, than many of us make in a year. At first, I wondered if his promotional budget was too big, especially considering many artists use far less money and still manage to get their artwork plastered all over their favorite gospel hip-hop website. I mean, we all know the key to evangelism through music is to promote a Christian album only on Christian websites, advertising it only to Christians and to never use any ‘secular’ advertising options because Christians give discounts to other Christians…right? I had to get at Brinson to ask him what he was thinking and how I could get him to name his next child after me…

Tell me about your next album, “No Other Heroes”. What’s the focus? What should we be expecting to hear?

Brinson: First off, Thanks for the interview man!

The focus of N.O.H. is really simple: it’s a call to action. For most Christians, we go to church and do our best to live the word of God and not get involved in anybody’s life. We are actually called to affect our home, communities, schools, college campuses with not only the word, but with the teachings of the word in real life applications.

We people can expect to hear is a more polished Brinson with some great production. I have a lot of challenging songs, some stories, a couple of tracks where I spazz out lyrically, and for the people who been following me since my first album, “Escaping Me”, a couple of south bangers.

BL: Let’s not waste any more time…Fifty G’z for promo?! I mean, I could go buy a 2012 BMW 135i Convertible and promotionally bump your new album REAL LOUD for the next few years for less money than that (as long as you’re not including gas). Is this figure realistic for a major market??

Brinson: 50K in the real music world isn’t a lot of money really…maybe for a city wide campaign. Most major labels spend over one million dollars in promotions alone. That’s not including the payola for Deejays and for Clear Channel to have a song in rotation. But to a Christian hip hop artist, that is enough for six months of real world promotion for TV, radio, internet and video promotion, if it’s done right. I would have to hire a handful of companies to get a lot of this work done. It’s really that much. For example, to get one of those ads in a magazine you find in family Christian bookstore is a whopping $10K.

BL: I saw on your IndiegGoGo page that you’re offering perks to those who support the vision God has given you. $15 will get a person an early drop of the “No Other Heroes” digital album plus a Twitter follow. For a $100 look, you’ll give a limited edition CD, t-shirt and…gourmet chocolate chip cookies (niceeeeeeee). And, for $50,000, you’ll name all of your children after the supporter, in addition to all of other perks. Is this for real?

Brinson: Everything is, except for the child part (laughs). Maybe I’ll get a pet and name it after the person, but everything else is really real. I tried to make the perks fun and something that I can connect with the people. I really want people to hear the heart behind No Other Heroes. I want it to reach more people than I ever could on my own. Nobody can do ministry or business by themselves.

BL: What do you have to say to the opposition who say this campaign is too expensive or that you should not advertise on secular stations such as MTV, BET and VH1?

Brinson: Well, I guess it’s not meant for them to understand. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to send a solider out on that field knowing all of the lost, spiritually dead people who watch these stations are there. To those who say it’s too expensive, if you have a better plan to reach millions of people through various media sources AND it costs less money, let me know…I’m all in! Also let me know the names of those sources…lol.

BL: I hear you’re focusing the marketing on five major cities. What are the cities and how will you oversee that?

Brinson: Jacksonville, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and New York. I’ve got a team of people to help me and I’ll be hiring a PR company to assist in getting the word out.

BL: For those who give or want to give, would you be willing to share with them the details of where the money is going?

I believe I laid it all out on the IndieGoGo page. I have no problem with that. I want people to be fully aware of all of what they are sowing into.

BL: Man, I personally love the fact that you’re planning to market on major national networks. Is this something other artists should consider doing as well? Have we allowed the genre to become stagnant by staying, uhhhh well, “economic”?

Brinson: I really can’t answer that. I really gotta stay true to what I’m called to do. Hopefully, other artist and labels will get that “let’s go over here and take out these giants” mentality and we will see more of it. We got some guys in the genre that are doing it and doing it well. They also have the funding to do it too.

BL: You’ve given yourself three months to raise this money through IndieGoGo. That’s a fast paced goal. What if the 50K target isn’t met? How will you press on?

Brinson: By the Grace of God man. Really I did it because I felt God lead me to do it. I was good doing it the way I’ve been doing things. But I know if I obey the Lord, good will always come.

BL: What do you envision the fruit of this project to look like after the promo has been done?

Brinson: You never can tell that. I only expect it to be good and lives be affected. The ultimate goal for GodChaserz as a label is to use this music and our resources to bring lost souls to the place where they can meet Jesus, love Him, ask Him to become their Savior and to live out the rest of their days for Him. Oh, and bumping our tunes…lol.

BL: How can people find out more about partnering with you for this campaign, as well as catch some music from Godchaserz Entertainment?

Brinson: You can support me financially at You can always hit our site or link with us on twitter @GodChaserz @Brinson_Omg @ReadyWritter @CstraightTheOne

Also, download some of our free mixtapes at

BL: Whether or not you agree with Brinson’s budget, there are two things you cannot argue: His calling to do this campaign and His desire to be used to reach a mainstream audience for Christ. And while I’m a little bitter that Brinson didn’t buy into the idea of getting me a BMW 135i Convertible, I am geeked to see Brinson walking out what he is led to do. We all should – regardless of what the next man says about our calling. The questions which now remain… Will you support Brinson and do you want his dog to be named after you?

Interview by Ben “Godside” Lippens. Follow him on Twitter (@GodsideJCC) or holler at him on Facebook.

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September 3, 2019

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