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mlc1Hey everyone, it’s your boy Teddy P.  Just checking in to say hey and to share some thoughts!  Something has been burning on my heart BAD for the last month or so.  I have been working pretty hard on developing 317 Media, which for about a month or so allowed me to step back from the music for a while.  While working, I had much time to think about many of the things going on in this culture (and somewhat in Christianity in general).

For a while I found myself, and many of the brethren, doing a lot of talking, but not hardly enough walking.  I hear over and over again in our lyrics “I hit the block”, or “I’m reaching the lost”…but how many of us are PROACTIVE in doing so?  I for one, have not been, which I am ashamed to say.  It’s great to be able to interact with friends, family and associates by chance, but when was the last time I actually got together with a couple brothers and sisters, grabbed some tracts and a Bible, and really headed into the lion’s den?  I’m way to embarrassed to answer that question.

I found myself studying the 2nd half of the James, the 1st chapter, this morning.  James admonishes us as believers to be doers of the Word, and not just hearers.  I too often have looked upon my spiritual character and seen many flaws.  Many times I have seen them, known the truth of what I have to do, and then turned away as if I never saw it.  Father forgive me.  It’s time for us to really practice what we preach, striving to always be an ambassador of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For too long I’ve sat content with holding this miraculous message to myself, forsaking those around me whom I know not to be saved.  I know better!

My motto for the year has been “I gotta do better”.  I hope that this will be everyone’s motto, because as quiet as it’s kept, none of us have made it : )  God bless yo, and let’s keep pressing for the Kingdom.  Keep me lifted as well, that I will continue to grow in the Faith.


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