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When Christian Hip Hop Was Poor and Lowly

Published on January 27, 2009

Here is an article my buddy Cruz Cordero wrote concerning his thoughts on Christian Hip Hop.

I remember when Christian Hip Hop was a ministerial movement. Today it consist of money making monopolies.

I remember when Christian hip hop was a poor community. Today it is a prospering commodity.

I remember when Christian hip hop aimed to see converts to Christ. Today it is more concerned with making concerts for the Church.

I remember when putting out a full length LP was to get it into people’s hands as an evangelistic tool. Today they are pressed up to reach the charts and collect sound scans.

I remember when Christian hip hop was unified under the person of Jesus Christ. Today it is unified under the current hot Christian emcee on the mic.

I remember when souls were on every Christian hip hop connoisseur’s mind. Today it is the dollar signs.

I remember when Christian hip hop carried it’s cross and endured thorny treatment. Today Christian hip hop has gotten use to the red carpet treatment.

I remember Christian hip hop without the, the record labels, the elaborate websites, the email blasts, the E-cards, the award ceremonies, the exclusive interviews…

I remember when Christian Hip Hop was beats, rhymes, and the testimony of the saints witnessing God turn two turn tables and a microphone into a feast of prophetic words that fed thousands. Today it relies on the next biggest technological / marketing advancement that manages only to feed fanatic frenzy.

I remember when Christian hip hop was viewed with missionary value. Today it has more monetary value.

I remember when Christian hip hop was not one’s bread and butter but a platform to advertise the mind and ways of Christ while grinding else where to make a living. Today it is a means of living and thus, people do Christian hip hop to live rather than live to do Christian hip hop.

What I remember is but a memory. Today it is consumed in the experience of something else.

May God have mercy and grace and may God restore our purpose and aims as a missional movement. May God make us a team again rather than a competition where each man/woman is for him/herself.

May we carry the cross again and release ourselves from carrying the burden to sell, sell, sell.

May we invest in people’s lives rather than invest in more album release parties, tours, advertisements, music videos…..

I encourage you to visit Cruz’s blog page, and read some of the other interesting articles he has on his page! Click here to do that.

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