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DJ D-Lite is at it again!

AUSTIN, Tx, February 23, 2010- Wildfire spreads across the globe as DJ D-Lite launches the 3rd Coast Fiyah VideoMix Show. The show is set to launch March 20, 2010 at DaSouth’s newest online destination, The VideoMix show will feature some of the hottest videos surfacing on the landscape of urban Christian music. It will also include segments from LadyLight’s Spotlight which will focus on artist testimonies, test-a-vlogs, bible trivia, cameo appearances, and video clips from audience members.

Audience members will be able to interact by submitting their favorite scriptures, their video clips, words of encouragement, and their suggested bible trivia questions. Additionally, audience members will choose their favorite music videos from the show. The top video pick, will be featured as the “People’s Choice”on upcoming episodes. Opportunities to submit content will begin in early March for the premiere show. Promotions and opportunities to submit content will be placed on social networks including ,,, and .

Both hosts are excited about the privilege of co-hosting a show that has been a long time coming. “3CF the videomix show is an extension of what we do with the radio show and countdown, except using another media outlet. Presenting the hottest music videos just opens our genre to another audience, and that excites us.” said D-Lite. “My heart has always been to serve our culture by making sure everyone knows about the life music I know about and this is a perfect way to do it. I look forward to seeing what God does! I pray that people come to know Him in a deeper way!”said LadyLight.

The show is based in Austin, Texas a.k.a. “The Live Music Capital of the World”. The entire first season of episodes will be shot in Austin at some of it’s most unique places. Episode one will feature the testimony of Kevin “Special K” Brown of All The Way Live! and will feature a bible trivia question from Matthew 13 which proved to be quite a challenge.

Artists interested in submitting their videos should send a link to: Also, for more information you can contact DJ D-Lite at:

About 3rd Coast Fiyah:

(The 2006-07 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Award Winner for Internet Radio Program of the Year) 3rd Coast Fiyah is the one of the only syndicated CHH/urban gospel countdown shows in media today. The show can heard on Radio Network – (on iTunes, search for “Dasouth Radio”).

About Underground Railroad Productions:

Underground Railroad Productions is dedicated to producing media that utilizes entertainment education to promote truth. It currently produces LadyLight’s Spotlight, The Great Physician, Revolt! Conferences, and many other independent projects.


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