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The truth is, when some people die, the minister, friends, and even some family members have to come up with a good lie about the deceased. Some people have left such a bad impression on everyone they have come in contact with, their death seems like a relief. Will this happen at your funeral? Listen in!

–Ham freestyle, news, and talk

Ham mix set 1 (featuring DJ Iroc Jesus)
1.D-Maub–So Professional
2.Katalyst–U Kiddin’Me
3.Willie Will–Warrior pt. II feat. Jazz Digga, K-Drama & J. Johnson

–Part 1

Ham mix set 2 (featuring DJ Iroc Jesus)
1.Ant Chambaz ( Feat. Scott Lane )–You And Me
2.Viktory–Get Hot
3.Dj Morph–GetLoose Wit It ( Ham Blend Exclusive )

–Part 2

Ham mix set 3 (featuring DJ Iroc Jesus)
1.J-Moss–Operator ( Blend )
2.Letita Martin–Working My Faith ( Blend )
3.HeeSun Lee ( Feat.Peoplez Choice.Paradox,Conquest )–Real Hip Hop

–Thon Em Hour
–Final Words

Man\’s effort ends and God\’s begins

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