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WyldBill the Khalifa goes Mainstream

Published on August 16, 2013

photoIn the style of songs like: Lupe Fiasco’s “B***h Bad,” Swoope’s “Schizo,” & Japhia Life’s “Unforgiven.” WyldBill The Khalifa (Incorrectly credited as Wyld Bill & Wyldbil the Khalifia) produces an ode to thug fabrication in America, by creating an one of a kind rap masterpiece called “Hooligans (The Good Life).” Some of the song’s inspiration came from the music video for “Amen” by controversial Philly rap artist Meek Mil. The music track was produced by Minnesota transplant John Lake. A snippet of new single is exclusively featured on playlist. After one listen you will see why WyldBill The Khalifa is an unique artist to take interest in.

Digital release date: 9/10/13

Follow Me: @WyldBill_iTunes

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