Xay Hill: Confessions of an imperfect Christian.  Don’t stop keep going, consistency is key!  

Xay Hill drops in on Da Fixx to talk about Hip Hop, ministry and the blessing of being flawed a flawed Christian.  DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have a real talk discussion about the importance of consistency in our spiritual growth and self-development. 

They that wait on the Lord.

One of Xay has been working on recently is patience.  “I was named after Isaiah 40:31. I like the verse, but never really understood it.  The pandemic taught me how to be patient and trust that God’s plan is perfect.  There were a lot of things I wanted to rush into.  Or rush away from.  And God told me sit, wait.  My timing.”  Now Xay says he is seeing the fruits of his labor because he waited.

Growing up a PK (preachers’ kid), Xay says, it’s a misconception to think that Christians don’t make mistakes or don’t sin.  “We forget that Christians are imperfect people.  We all fall short.”  Learning from his mother’s example, Xay says, when the mistake is made, keep giving God the glory.  “If this happened, then this is what God is trying to do to bring you up out of it.” 

You can’t take salt out of salt water! – Xay Hill

The ordained minister admits he initially ran from his calling.  “I preached my fist sermon at 11 years old.  The problem that comes with being a preacher…I’m a young dude trying to come up and I sin and make mistakes.  And it was just the weight of carrying it was so much.  I was like you know I’d rather just be in the streets and do what I do.  And no one can judge me.”

As he grew older, his conviction grew stronger.   Xay decided to go into music ministry.  “Eventually, they picked me as the worship leader.  As God kept giving me new positions, the worship got stronger.  The praise got stronger.  To the point I started hungering for the calling he gave me at 11 years old.  I’d rather preach more than rap to be honest.”

“If the Holy Spirit is inside of you, you can run away from people’s judgement, but the conviction of the Spirit is in you.  You cannot take salt out of salt water!  If it’s in you, you’re saved.  The blood of Jesus is a sealant.  Once you let him in your heart, you can’t run away,” Xay explains.

Hip Hop

Growing up a Lil’ Wayne and Young Money fan, Xay loves to see all the collaborations that are coming out of CHH.  Naming Vert Mob, Lecrae and Reach Records, Miles Minnick and his Glo Collective, among some of his favorites.  “That’s where we can stop a lot of violence and stuff.”

Xay is adamant about remaining humble.  “I don’t feel like I made it far.  But I can say when I dropped my song The Edge and Reach Records liked a post on Rapzilla.  Seeing that so many people like that song.  Canon cheering me on.  I grew up listening to Hip Hop.  But I love CHH.”  Having people like Canon sharing his music, had Xay in his feels because of his great love and respect for the CHH community. 

Xay’s album trilogy is now complete with the May release of But I’m Redeemed.  Click the link to hear the song, watch the video and to stay update with everything Xay Hill. 

Consistency is key

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have a real talk discussion on the importance of consistency.  Whether it’s in business, career, relationships or fitness.  Consistency is key.  Especially when it comes to our relationship with Jesus.  John 15:4, Abide in me as I in you.  As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in a vine.  Neither can you unless you abide in me. 

“Remember your source.  Your job is just your resource.  Your hustle is just your resource.  You need to stay connected to God.  Stay connected to Christ.  Stay in his will.  In his word,” explains Dice.   

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XAY HILL: Confessions of an imperfect Christian.  Don't Stop Keep Going.  Consistency is key.