A Journey of Faith, Music, and Sports: An Inspiring Conversation with XROSS

On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting XROSS a talented artist, songwriter, producer, and founder of the Man Up Club and the Gospel Hip Hop and Hope Festival.

Cross: A Man of Faith and Music

XROSS’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith. Raised in a gospel family, he started his career in gospel rap. However, life took a detour after college, leading him into negative activities. It was during a moment in a strip club that he had a divine intervention, realizing he wasn’t living his purpose. This led him to submit to God’s calling and start his own Christian hip hop label.

XROSS’s story emphasizes the importance of self-introspection and searching oneself when God calls. He shared a personal experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, a moment that marked a significant turning point in his life.

The Transition and Challenges

XROSS’s transition from California to Minnesota was a leap of faith. He felt led by God to spend a year in lockdown, focusing on studying scripture and deepening his faith. This period was a time of isolation from worldly activities, a sacrifice he made to strengthen his relationship with God.

Being a Christian hip hop artist came with its challenges. The genre wasn’t popular at the time, and XROSS had to educate pastors and clergy on why hip hop music wasn’t the devil’s music. He also had to be relatable to the streets, a balancing act that required wisdom and discernment.

Family and Faith

XROSS’s decision to leave his previous lifestyle was met with mixed reactions from his family. Some members were not happy with his decision, as it meant a different lifestyle and less money. However, his girlfriend at the time, who is now his wife, was supportive and stood by him throughout his transformation. Today, all of his children are involved in Christian hip hop, a testament to the influence of his faith journey.

The Music Industry and Mentoring

XROSS shared his experience of being rejected by big names in Christian hip hop and gospel early in his career. Despite the setbacks, he persevered and eventually gained recognition. His recent projects are inspired by his desire to leave a legacy of substance for his children.

Bridging the Gap

XROSS emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between the secular and the Kingdom. He believes that bringing secular artists into the Christian hip hop platform can have a powerful impact on spreading the gospel. His upcoming festival, God Flow Fest, aims to expand the Christian hip hop platform and provide a platform for secular artists to share their stories and potentially be impacted by the gospel.

Faith and Sports: A Historical Connection

Our conversation transitioned to the historical connection between faith and sports. We discussed the role of prayer in sports, particularly when a player gets injured. Many coaches are people of faith and often pray with their teams. We gave a shoutout to coaches who provide spiritual guidance and support to their players.

Sports as Religion?

We also touched on the religious nature of sports and the intense devotion of fans. We discussed whether sports can be considered a religion, noting the extreme dedication and identity that fans have with their teams. However, we emphasized that being fans should never lead to arguments or fights over teams, and we condemned the mistreatment of athletes by fans.

The Role of Coaches in Incorporating Faith into Sports

Being an athlete can teach valuable lessons about perseverance, discipline, and the importance of community. Coaches play a crucial role in incorporating faith into sports, inspiring those who may not know God. Good sportsmanship is not just about playing fair; it can also be applied to one’s faith.

Upcoming Hip Hop and Hope Festival

We ended the segment by promoting the upcoming Hip Hop and Hope Festival, hosted by Cross. The event features a lineup of Christian hip hop artists, and we encourage everyone to attend. To find out more about XROSS’s work visit his website, 1wayentertainment.com

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A Journey of Faith, Music, and Sports: An Inspiring Conversation with XROSS


Introduction to the Episode [00:02:47] Hosts introduce the topic of the episode, which is faith and sports, and mention discussing ancient Roman times and the church’s view on sports.

Lockdown and Deep Study [00:09:18] XROSS discusses how he spent a year in lockdown, not going out and studying scripture to deepen his faith.

Balancing Act of Christian Hip Hop [00:10:06] XROSS talks about the challenges of being a Christian hip hop artist and the need to educate pastors and clergy on the genre.

Family Support and Impact [00:11:04] XROSS shares how his family perceived his transition and the support he received from his wife and children, who are all involved in Christian hip hop.

The struggle for recognition [00:18:25] Discussion about facing rejection and the challenges of gaining recognition in the Christian hip hop and gospel music industry.

Creating music with substance [00:20:05] Explanation of the inspiration behind XROSS ‘s recent albums and the desire to bring more gospel and substance into the music industry.

The disconnect between generations [00:22:57] Conversation about the lack of discipleship and knowledge transfer between older and younger artists in the Christian hip hop community.

The process of entering the kingdom [00:27:21] Discussion about the XROSS ‘s personal journey of transitioning from the streets to the kingdom of God and the importance of not throwing away those in transition.

Expanding the Christian hip hop platform [00:28:57] XROSS talks about his mission to expand the Christian hip hop platform and how he aims to impact the secular market with the gospel.

The Gospel Hip Hop and Hope Festival [00:31:54] Details about the upcoming festival, including the lineup of artists and the purpose of the event in reaching unsaved individuals.

Chivalry and Women’s Fighting [00:37:40] Discussion about chivalry and the disapproval of women participating in brutal fights like boxing and MMA.

Competitive Nature in Sports [00:41:56] Exploration of the challenge of balancing competition and love for one’s neighbor in sports, with a focus on praying for injured players.

Coaches and Faith in Sports [00:45:23] Acknowledgment and appreciation for coaches who incorporate faith into their coaching, providing a spiritual influence and support for their teams.

The religious nature of sports [00:46:12] Discussion on how sports can have a religious-like devotion and traditions, using the example of tailgating before Cleveland Browns games.

Fan spending on sports gear [00:48:19] Statistics on how much fans spend on sports gear per quarter, categorized by different age groups.

Die-hard fans and their extreme behavior [00:50:43] Exploration of extreme fan behavior, including vandalism, flipping cars, and heated debates, with a list of cities with the most passionate fans.

The sports and faith connection [00:56:10] Discussion on the values learned from being an athlete that align with spiritual beliefs and faith, such as not giving up and striving to win.

Sports and religion similarities [00:57:39] Exploration of the similarities between sports and religion, including the shared mindset, community support, and the presence of a playbook or Bible.

The Hip Hop and Hope Festival [01:01:57] Promotion of the upcoming festival hosted by the Man Up Club, featuring various Christian hip hop artists and emphasizing the journey of faith and transformation.