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XROSS takes the hottest secular musical tracks from top hip hop superstars such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Chris Brown and many more and flips their songs to gospel hip hop. The mixtape is hosted by Atlanta’s well known DJ Sean Blu the $ix Million dollar man with guest appearances by NBA Basketball Player Troy Hudson.

Artist, writer, and emcee, XROSS features this MIXTAPE along with his protege’ son KJ who is 15, one who has been on the scene and ministering since he was age 9. The Tell’em tha Truth MIXTAPE is a serious ministry tool. We have offered the 18 song CD for free and have asked those who are blessed by the mixtape to “DUB” or copy it and give it to others as an outreach ministry tool. The goal of the mixtape is to reach the lost, the unsaved, the unchurched and in general, persons who need to hear the Truth and the Life offered by walking with Christ. For those of you, brothers and sisters, who are saved, get ready this is a head banger and a serious soul stirrer. The Tell’em tha Truth MIXTAPE offers listeners a variety of relevant (lyrical content) over familiar tunes (chart topping tracks) that will encourage and enhance your walk with Christ.

Join us in our plight to get this MIXTAPE to the masses, as it promises to deliver on several things and penetrate several areas:

1. There is a strong ministry that lies within hip hop

2. There is a market for Holy Hip Hop music and this MIXTAPE is one instrument to speak loudly to the gatekeepers; that the music, the lyric, the genre of Holy Hip Hop has the power to reach the masses.

3. Tell’em tha Truth MIXTAPE allows those who are fans of secular music to lend a friendly ear and gather a taste of Holy Hip Hop

XROSS Tell’em tha Truth mixtape is the follow up to Tell’em tha Truth CD, which is in Christian Bookstores such as Family, Lifeway, Berean, Central South & Northwestern Books.

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