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At the age of 12, Derix “Dadeuce” Dugan II put the pen to the pad in the form of poetry and started captivating audiences instantly. “I sound like me” stated DaDeuce. “I don’t want to ever be compared to somebody or be the next so and so”. “I strive to be different” He says. “If I was like someone else what would make you want to listen to me”? (Good Question).

Born and raised in Clarksdale, a small town in Mississippi, and now residing in Baton Rouge, LA, Deuce was faced with trials and tribulations but stated “It just fueled me to succeed and not use those things as an excuse for failure”.

Through spoken word Deuce owned the city talent shows winning time and time again, but oddly he couldn’t rap a lick. Years passed, and as 2005 approached something sparked the transition to relaying his messages over beats now. He had just been baptized again and was on the campus of Southern Mississippi where he attended school. Some of his homeboys that he attended bible study with where freestyling, but Deuce thought it was so wacky but entertaining. He was looking for a way to strengthen his walk with Yahshua but he didn’t want to give up rap music. So he just put 2 and 2 together, and that’s how it all started. Deuce stated “I never thought I’d be rapping today or that I would be good at it.” Being that he started on a computer mic in a dorm room and now he’s taking flights from city to city to perform for the youth. ”It’s crazy man” He replied.

Deuce has done collabs with countless MC’s such as God’s Elect, The Apostle, & Rob Campbell, to name a few. As well as Collabs with our own One Dose, and Jaelife whom he released a 2008 mixtape with titled “Rap Moses and Aaron the Leader”, which delivered heart wrenching and spirit filled lyrics from Deuce and Jae. In 2008 DaDeuce was also a part of the Changed Men Mixtape which was mixed by Twinz productions, hosted by Von Vargas and produced by Christ Musiq.

Now in 2010, this marks the year of Dadeuce’s first solo mixtape “The Substance” which is being re-mastered & re-released under Yahweh Nation Juuno Entertainment with new tracks added. This is a strong and powerful mixtape with songs like “Bow Down”, “Running a Race”, and “Let Me Know”. This mixtape displays a talented portray of words while encouraging and uplifting you to stay focused on your goals and dreams of this life and the one to come by keeping Yahweh first in all that you do. We see no reason why Deuce won’t soon be the talk of a city near you.

So without further a due, we present to you the newest member of the

DaDeuce Feat. One Dose – I hear’em Calling
Reverbnation –

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