Young C – Plot Twist

This latest track from Young C was released in March of this year. The official music video was just released a few weeks ago. This song is another triumphant testimony for Young C. Everything is a sure hit with this song. The beats are catchy and you definitely get his signature lyrical style in this song. If you’re looking for a Christian song that not only teaches and inspires, but is also a great piece of music, then this is the song for you.

What is the message of this song? What are some things you can take away? Just listen to the lyrics. Young C not only lives for and represents God. He preaches that in his music. He preaches leaving the old ways behind and having God on your side to help you chart a new path in life. Yes, it will be difficult. The lyrics bring up the ways the devil will try to sneak in and twist our lives around to make us slip up. As long as we have God and Jesus we can overcome any plot twists in life. We know how greater they are than anything the devil tries to throw our way.

This song is filled with so many relevant messages today. In life, we’re struggling now more than ever. We need music like this to uplift us and remind us that we are never alone in our struggles. Young C is a talented musician with a gift for preaching Christian messages and life lessons in a way that is so relatable to the listeners.