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Artist: Young Timothy
Production Credits: Young Timothy, Terrence King, Akali, Jacab Hitara
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
Featured Artist: Salvation, Questsan, Terrence King, Jessica Dancy, Philgood Thoughts, Lisette McGuire, Natman, Rik Torchya, Sean Pen, Wisdom, and Chosen

Bio: Young Timothy, formerly known as “Novej” often reflects on Sunday mornings when he would join in during praise and worship. Those are precious memories that keep him focus as he continues to make a joyful but different noise unto the Lord. On any given day Timothy could have been found at Winston Salem State University, where he attended college, collaborating, producing and engineering tracks for local artist. That is where he was discovered by producer and Grammy Award winner, 9th Wonder, and placed in a group called The A.L.L.I.E.S. The storms of life began to rage as Timothy pursued stardom rather ministry. Due to moral standards and creative differences, the group was dissolved and the contract was nullified. It was after an encounter with God when Young Timothy began surrendering to the call that was upon his life and take heed to his parent’s advice. “My mom and dad, who were also my pastors, would always tell me to use my gifts to glorify God and spread the gospel instead of doing secular music “, says Timothy. He also stated “I’ve learned that everything God places in an individual is for building Yahweh’s Kingdom and lifting up Jesus Christ”.

Sabbath Day’s Journey:

1. Intro

2. Kingdom of God

3. Never Let a Day Go

4. In it, Not of it ft. Salvation and Questsan

5. Fire ft. Terrence King

6. Trouble Be Done ft Jessica Dancy

7. Don’t do it to Him

8. Come back home

9. Knock, Knock ft. Philgood Thoughts

10. WWJD

11. Holy Matrimony ft. Lisette McGuire

12. Tough Love ft. Natman and Rik Torchya

13. Another Day ft. Sean Pen and Wisdom

14. It ain’t about ft. Chosen

15. That’s not us

16. Sabbath Day’s Journey

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