Finding Brotherhood in the Christian Community: Zilla’s Inspiring Journey of Unity and Collaboration

A Deep Dive into Mental Health, Music, Collaboration and Unity

In this episode, I had the pleasure of engaging in a profound conversation with Zilla, a rapper and pastor from Atlanta. Alongside my co-host, Dice Gamble, we delved into various topics, including Mother’s Day, mental health, and Zilla’s music career.

Mother’s Day Reflections

Our conversation began with a reflection on our Mother’s Day experiences. Dice had a fantastic day, filled with gifts, love, and quality time with her family. I shared my experience of spending a blessed day with my wife and daughter, reflecting on my late mother. This year was a significant improvement from the previous one, where I was still grieving my mother’s loss.

Mental Health Awareness

Transitioning to the topic of mental health awareness, we discussed how location can significantly impact mental health. Dice pointed out that people often overlook the influence of different environments on mental health, leading to biases. I added a lighter note, jokingly mentioning that discussing my childhood and location could bring up traumas.

Introducing Zilla: The Rapper and Pastor

We then introduced our guest, Zilla, a rapper and pastor from Atlanta. I praised Zilla for his powerful and transparent music that resonates with the streets. We discussed the importance of street ministry and Zilla’s collaborations with other artists.

Zilla’s Mental Health Practices and Faith

When asked about his mental health practices, Zilla shared that he values alone time and spending time with his family. He also emphasized the importance of therapy. Zilla’s involvement with different churches and his efforts to encourage young people to stay true to their faith were also discussed. He mentioned serving at Dr. Ernestine Davis’ church for several years and engaging with other churches.

Zilla’s Music Career and Inspirations

Zilla’s music career, influenced by his father and inspired by Kendrick Lamar, was another highlight of our conversation. He discussed some of his tracks, including “SRT,” which talks about being a Christian while acknowledging imperfections and struggles. He also touched on the balance between judgment and accountability in his relationships with friends.

Zilla’s Journey and Upcoming Album

Zilla shared his journey of finding like-minded brothers in the Christian community and his experience of feeling misunderstood within his family and the music industry. He talked about his upcoming album, “The Black Sheep,” aiming to challenge stereotypes and show a different side of Christianity.

Impact of Location on Mental Health

The conversation took a deeper turn as Dice and Zilla discussed the impact of living in urban areas on mental health. Zilla shared a story about a friend who had to act erratic and unpredictable to avoid confrontation in the neighborhood. They discussed how living in these areas can cause stress and affect mental health, emphasizing the need for open conversations about these issues.

Understanding People’s Circumstances

We continued our conversation with Zilla about the importance of understanding people’s circumstances and meeting them where they are. We shared personal experiences of witnessing poverty and hunger, emphasizing the privilege of having access to food and the need to be grateful for what one has.

Mental Health and Environment

The conversation then shifted to the topic of mental health and how one’s environment can impact their well-being. Zilla emphasized the need to take control of one’s environment and make small changes that can positively affect mental health.

The Importance of Controlling One’s Mind

We discussed the importance of controlling one’s mind and maintaining mental health, acknowledging that it can be challenging, especially for those living in impoverished areas or urban communities. We emphasized the need for adults to do better and create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Praising Zilla’s Work

In closing, we praised Zilla for his recent appearance on the show. We commended him for dropping many insightful nuggets during the interview and for his powerful work in the realm of street ministry. We encouraged listeners to follow Zilla on social media and stream his music.

Final Thoughts

As we wrapped up the show, we reminded listeners to have a great Monday and to go out and show the love of Christ. We encouraged everyone to turn their negatives into positives and to prioritize their mental health.

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Finding Brotherhood in the Christian Community: Zilla's Journey of Unity and Collaboration
Finding Brotherhood in the Christian Community: Zilla's Journey of Unity and Collaboration


The topic of Mother’s Day [00:00:23] The hosts discuss their experiences and feelings about Mother’s Day, including spending time with family, reflecting on their mothers, and expressing gratitude.

The topic of location and mental health [00:03:44] The hosts discuss how where a person lives can affect their mental health, including biases towards different cultures and races, and the importance of addressing and overcoming traumas.

The introduction of Zilla and his music career [00:06:13] The hosts introduce Zilla, a rapper and pastor from Atlanta, and discuss his music, collaborations, and his ability to minister to the streets.

Shout out to Dr. Ernestine Davis [00:09:49] Zilla acknowledges and appreciates the work of Dr. Ernestine Davis in serving the community.

Encouraging young adults [00:10:03] Zilla discusses the challenges of being a youth pastor and how he encourages young adults to stay true to themselves while navigating societal pressures.

Zilla’s music career [00:12:06] Zilla talks about how his music career started and his inspirations, including his father and Kendrick Lamar.

The struggle of finding like-minded Christian brothers [00:19:08] Zilla discusses his search for brothers who can relate to his struggles as a Christian man.

The inspiration behind the track “Lately” [00:21:37] Zilla talks about the inspiration behind his song “Lately” and how it reflects his experiences of being misunderstood.

The meaning behind the track “Say a Prayer” [00:24:20] Zilla explains the inspiration and message behind his song “Say a Prayer” and how it challenges stereotypes about Christian music.

  • Mental Health Challenges in Urban Areas [00:30:26] Discussion on the impact of living in urban areas with high levels of stress and toxicity on mental health.
  • Managing Stress in High-Risk Environments [00:32:07] Exploration of the coping mechanisms and strategies individuals develop to navigate stressful and dangerous environments.
  • The Line Between Mental Health and Adaptation [00:34:34] Examining the distinction between mental health issues and the need to adapt and protect oneself in challenging environments.
  • Mental Health and Understanding People [00:39:13] Discussion on the importance of understanding people’s situations and the impact of mental health on individuals.
  • Poverty and Hunger [00:40:03] Personal experiences and stories about poverty, hunger, and the need for food in certain areas.
  • Taking Control of Your Environment [00:43:08] Tips on how to deal with challenging environments, including changing colors, improving lighting, visiting parks, and listening to music for relaxation.

Controlling Your Mind [00:49:13] Discussion on the importance of maintaining mental health and challenging adults to improve their circumstances.

Moving Away from Impoverished Areas [00:50:10] Encouragement to move out of impoverished areas for better opportunities and safety.

Taking Care of Mental Health in Challenging Environments [00:51:22] Personal experiences and advice on managing mental health in challenging environments, including the potential risks and consequences.

Zilla’s Music Career [00:58:23] Zilla’s new single “Say a Prayer” is out now, and he has an album and collective work with Four Brothers.

Importance of Street Ministry [00:58:23] The hosts discuss the importance of street ministry and building relationships in communities.

Encouragement to Spread Love [00:59:18] The hosts encourage listeners to show the love of Christ and turn negative into positive.