Are You ready to enhance your brand's reach and engage with a dynamic audience of millions through radio?

We work to deliver solid results for your Ad Spend.

We delivered an impressive estimated 250% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to an Educational institution.

A client in the financial services sector experienced a remarkable estimated 500% ROAS.

Our survey suggests our listeners are 33% more likely to purchase a new car.
Our listeners are 89% more likely to purchase personal training services.
We are huge advocates for education. Our meticulous audio Ads campaings are designed to boost student engagement and interest.
Non-profits should consider advertising on Christian Radio channels for donations to reach a dedicated and compassionate audience aligned with their mission
36% of our listeners plan to take a trip (beach, regional travel, international travel)
51% of our listeners are women and they have immense purchase power.
Live radio captures 38% of car-traveling grocery shoppers, offering FMCG advertisers a chance to influence last-minute buying decisions.
Advertising agencies should prioritize radio ads for clients due to their cost-effectiveness, delivering an average ROI of $7.7 for every $1 spent, ensuring optimal utilization of marketing budgets

Numbers that speak to the efficacy of Ads on Christian Radio Stations


Radio delivers 87% higher ROI than the media average as per Nielsen Compass, CPG Benchmarks

Are influenced by Radio

64% of Listeners say, "ads on Christian radio make them want to buy what is in the ad."


72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radiostation.

Are influenced by Radio

84% of Faith Driven Consumers are more likely to do business with a company that a Christian organization recommends.


Why Radio Ads with Holy Culture Radio?


With a vast audience of 5 million radio listeners, boasting a median household income of $76K and 56% earning $100K or more, you'll tap into an audience poised for significant purchases in the next 12 months.


We provide you with a unique audience, actively engaging with a diverse group of Gen Z, millenials, and higher-income households.


Our collaborative approach ensures that we tailor custom audio Ad campaigns to align perfectly with your brand's goals, resonating with our dedicated audience.


We seamlessly integrate your message into our programming, ensuring it harmonizes with the Christian Hip-Hop experience our listeners adore.



“Holy Culture is a partner that is helping us find new ways to reach Christian audiences by leveraging trusted voices.  We look forward to the continued partnership.”

-Karen Potter, Director of Marketing, Covenant Eyes


Reach The Satellite Radio Audience Today

SiriusXM's hardware was incorporated into approximately 83% of new vehicles sold in the United States in the first quarter of 2022.  Sirius XM reaches more than 150 million listeners across its combined properties, the largest addressable audience in North America across all categories of digital audio - music, sports, talk, and podcasts.

SiriusXM Advertising Done Right

Whether you're targeting B2B or B2C, locally or nationally, direct response or branding, we can efficiently promote your product or service.



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