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We are doing our best to support as many artists as possible on our expanded Holy Culture Radio Channel on SiriusXM Channel 156.

Please submit your material in full through the page below.

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Website Submissions

For general website submissions, whether it is music videos, coverage of an event, news, or an article, please use the form at the link below.

Music Artist Tips

A Checklist You May Need (Artist Tips)

Being a creative today can be a wonderful thing. Disintermediation, independence, and autonomy creates a lot of opportunities. However, it also creates the need for more ownership and understanding of the process end-to-end.

Are you doing everything you need to?


The Inside View (Ministry and Business)

From concepts to companies ….

How do you take a project from $500 to $500k in revenue?  How do you take a label from nowhere to 200 songs and 80 million streams in a year?  How do you do both while remaining focused on God and Kingdom Building?

From concepts to companies, Doc Watson (Jacob Makaish), Co-CEO of Reflection Music Group and Trig (James Rosseau, Sr.), CEO of Holy Culture, come together to share their long-standing relationship, as well as their individual and interwoven journeys through CHH.  More importantly, they share their collective experiences with the intent of helping others that are embarking on this journey.