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Da Fixx Podcast: Lecrae Interview and The Fire 10 Review of top artists of the week.

Rhymist, activist, author, voice of conscience, and co-founder of Reach Records, Lecrae joins the show. Lecrae shares the “why” behind his community impact efforts, pandemic learnings, and helping the next genre of Christian Hip-Hop talent flourish. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble also go through The Fire 10 Review of Top Artists of the week. More…

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Steve Malcolm on working with Snoop Dogg and why he feels disrespected in the Christian Rap Community.

Steven Malcolmn - Picture with Snoop Dogg and Jay May

DJ Wade-O sits down for an interview with Stephen Malcolm and discussed his new song “Summertime” featuring Snoop Dogg, what shooting a video with him was like, recording his new album TREE and why he feels disrespected in the Christian Rap Community.

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The Ambassador drops the “No Other” music video – the first sign of The Invitation

Kingdom Choice Award Honorary Recipient - The Ambassador

Over the past several months, The Ambassador, co-founder of The Cross Movement, has made reference to the release of a potential project this year through posts “reintroducing” himself, walking us through the foundational moments of The Cross Movement and even some of his albums. No other is from his upcoming EP #TheInvitation and as he…

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Steven Malcolm Debuts New Album, TREE

Steven Malcolm - Tree - Album Cover

Tree is an eclectic depiction of Steven Malcolm’s past, present, and future. Each song digs deep into the peaks and valleys that shaped the rapper we currently know.

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Big Fil – I Won’t Let Go [Official Video]

Big Fil - I Won't Let Go

This song represents Fil’s personal victory in his life and he knows that it will connect with several others that may share the same story.

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Wande – They Didn’t Know II

Wande - They Didn't Know II - Official Video

The official video is now out, appearing to feature some great footage from the recent tour within it as well. Official Lyrics: They didn’t know Couldn’t believe that He changed up my soul winning within everywhere that I go Too unashamed got me living like Got me yelling out mayday everybody clear man I was…

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1KPhew – The Offering

1KPhew - The Offering

1KPhew communicates a “no scams allowed” message through his creativity. The Lyrics [Chorus] Five, ten, twenty, fifty, hunnid, pass ’em ’round (Ayy, don’t pass too fast, bro) Five, ten, twenty, fifty, hunnid, pass ’em (Don’t pass it too fast, what you doin’?) [Verse 1] I been out the way so long I feel like a caveman (Like a caveman)…

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