DAFIXX Morning Radio Show

DAFIXX Radio Show, Stellar Award Winner, is 120 minutes of faith-infused hip-hop music, spoken word, real talk topics, and mental health awareness, referencing everything from theological dialogue to trending topics along the way.

Catch them live every weekday morning at 6 AM EST on Holy Culture Radio, SiriusXM Channel 154.

Church On the block

Hosted by veteran youth and young adults pastor Pastor Phil Jackson, Pasta J, and DJ Ruckus, Church on the Block explores the needed and complicated bridge that the local church has to be a light to the street.  The show engages in all-encompassing discussions and theological breakdowns of hip-hop and street culture and how the church can be salt and light to both - delivering hope.

Catch them live every Sunday morning at 10 AM EST on Holy Culture Radio, SiriusXM Channel 154.

The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau (Trig)

The Corelink Solution - hosted by James Rosseau, Sr., (Trig) - helps listeners become more successful in their career and leadership journey.  James, who has traveled from the block to the boardroom, provides awareness and actionable insights through stories, learning paths, experienced guests, and more.

Holy Culture Radio (Mix Shows)

Listen to the podcast that helped start it all for the Holy Culture brand with episodes that will take you back to some of the most impactful moments.  While Christian Hip-Hop and R&P are beginning to flourish more today, it is not new, and we have been able to shine a lot on the up-and-coming while preserving some of the foundational.

Within more than 600 episodes dating back more than 10 years, you can hear the work of those that have graced the turntables and microphones from DJ Severe, Doxa Dorea, DJ LostNFound, DJ I Rock Jesus, DJ Tituz, Sean Slaughter, Bert Bocachia, and the RapFest team and so much more.