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About holy culture


Holy Culture exists to promote Christ, Christian values, and lifestyle through Christian hip-hop and R&P media and serve Christian creatives.  Our tagline of "connect, collab, and inspire" represents all that we endeavor:

  • Connect: To create systems and infrastructure that increase the efficacy of Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Kingdom Advancement
  • Collab: To create community where iron sharpens iron (Romans 12: 1-10)
  • Inspire: To create a space to edify believers and share the gospel with non-believers.

Holy Culture delivers original media and promotes artists' works through and Holy Culture Radio to deliver on this endeavor.

Holy Culture RADIO

Holy Culture Radio (HCR) has a rich history of nearly 20 years.   Several of CHH’s noted DJs and personalities, such as DJ Wade-O, Chris Chicago, and others began or broadened their journey on HCR’s platform.

Today, HCR provides 24/7 streaming, available at, our mobile apps (Apple / Google), Amazon Alexa, podcasts, and other outlets.


Holy Culture is operated by The Corelink Solution, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that exists to revitalize communities through programs that empower people to reach their potential.

corporate overview

Through The Corelink Solution brand, we deliver a curriculum designed to help people develop their passion and purpose, create an informed plan, use provided tools to help them succeed, and establish accountability and ownership.

Our WHY: We believe in God’s unique plan and potential for each human being, as well as the right to pursue it through systems designed and available for their success.  

Our PURPOSE: Revitalize communities by empowering individuals to reach their potential.

Our VISION:  Drive the development and adoption of programs, policies, and practices that lead to increased high school graduation and career success rates.

Our MISSION: To help individuals link to their core (their unique gifts, talents, passion, and purpose) and pursue their potential.

Our STRATEGY:  We are developing an ecosystem that envelops the person through education, inspiration, motivation, and practical application.


  • Stewardship: We are ministry and mission-oriented.
  • All should be served.
  • We are unencumbered and must remain so to be good stewards.
  • We deliver high-quality products and services.
  • We deliver relevant and engaging user experiences without compromising our purpose.

our History


The Birth of Holy Culture Radio

Holy Culture Radio was the brainchild of DJ/Producer Vic Padilla. While stationed at Holloman AFB New Mexico, he met Lee, who happened to be the program director at KRUX FM. Vic shared his love for Christian Hip Hop and was subsequently asked to host his own show. Vic dubbed the show “Holy Culture Radio," and the rest is history.

The Birth of the website

Because Holy Culture Radio was only being broadcast live (on the net), listeners all over the world were forced to stay up at weird times of the day in order not to miss the broadcast. This led to Vic, with the help of the ultra-talented website design company JZ Designs, to launch, where his popular mix show could now be offered to the masses in a pre-recorded version… globally 24/7!

Trig becomes a partner

James "Trig" Rosseau met Vic several years earlier when Vic asked him to bring Corelink Radio to HCR.  Their relationship grew, and Trig became a partner. is born

Vic felt a need to provide news and other content beyond the brief summaries on the store or the dialogue on radio.  Literally overnight, was born.

Holy Culture Merges with

With a change in life, Vic decides to exit Holy Culture.  However, at the same time, discussions begin with their good friend Anonymous who was running  Trig and Anonymous decide to join forces under the Holy Culture name.

Holy Culture Mobile apps launched

Trig exited his corporate roles to focus on the non-profit, re-energizing work for both The Corelink Solution brand and Holy Culture.  Launching mobile apps was one of the first initiatives.

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Holy Culture Radio has now expanded to SiriusXM Channel 154

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