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BIG FIL, he is “That Dude”! There is no question where he stands with his beliefs. His music shows that his heart is to please God! BIG FIL desires to change the gospel industry by speaking God’s word in rhymes. Not as your ordinary Rapper, but with a style that is incomparable to the rest. Just listen to his music! BIG FIL is determined to bring Christ to the streets so that souls can be saved. He is bridging and filling the gap between Christian Hip Hop and today’s Hip Hop generation, hence the name BIG FIL.

Born, Phillip Burks, in Jacksonville, Florida, BIG FIL lived the city known for crime and violence. Living in a single-parent home, Phillip was raised by the streets. With many challenges in his life, Phillip found a way to channel his frustration; through music. In 1996, at the age of 14, Phillip began rapping and was recognized by renowned record label Slip-n-Slide to join their label and showcased for Def Jam South. But God had bigger plans for his life. Just before Phillip was about to sign the contract to join Slip-n-Slide, he gave his life to Christ at the age of 16. Phillip decided that the life of sin was no longer for him and stopped doing music for one year to find out who Christ was and who he was in Christ. After seeking God and finding what his purpose was, Phillip decided to pursue music again, this time, with the message of Christ.

Phillip was introduced to three men who were “fired up” just as he was for Christ. They had a group called “Zion” and invited Phillip to join, and in 2001 he did. BIG FIL had now experienced both the secular and gospel world, of music. The group traveled across the country ministering the word of God through rap and song. Doors opened for the group as they began to perform in plays along the east coast. As time passed, BIG FIL allowed the cares of the world to shape and mold him, causing his relationship with Christ to fade. After two years, the group began to dismantle, as God was no longer the priority because the music became bigger than God. At that time, BIG FIL became discouraged and like Peter, opted to return to the “old” and sinful lifestyle. BIG FIL decided to allow God to restore him and bring him back to the place he once was in him (Christ). The place of God’s presence and glory.

In 2007, BIG FIL was signed to OFT Beats Record Label, which he says is not just a label, but it’s a family. BIG FIL is also forming his own label called “The Counsel” where he partners with other artists in his hometown of Jacksonville, Fl, bringing indie artist like DG/Tenth Leper, Omotayo and Johnnie B. Since the signing to the record label, BIG FIL has shared the stage with some of the influential and anointed artists in the gospel industry, such as Cross Movement, Lecrae, Da Truth, Grits, Ce Ce Winans, Kurtis Blow, Mali Music, Lisa McClendon, Deitrick Haddon, and Papa San. God has also favored him to work with other great artists such as Dwayne Woods, Leon Timbo, Troy Sneed, Pettidee and Canton Jones. BIG FIL released a mixed tape album entitled, “Gutta but Godly” Vol. I” which opened his vision to the saved and unsaved with its diverse lyrics and banging beats.

Through all the pain and tears, BIG FIL committed to serving God whole-heartedly with no regards. He is clearly in the business of unifying the body of Christ through God’s word. In late 2009, BIG FIL will be releasing his first solo album entitled, “The Voice of the People”. “Put a Hurtin’ On’em” featuring Canton Jones, is the first single off the album.
BIG FIL is destined to fulfill his purpose and call for the streets, for himself, for Christ…”You can’t enter heaven unless you’re born again”. Selah

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