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Always bold, always honest, always real, always Brea. Brea Miles is a significant player to the genre known as Christian Hip Hop. With three projects topping iTunes top 20 and several tours under her belt. Her prolific style and electrifying stage performance make Brea one of a kind. Born in Richmond, Virginia. Yet raised between North and South Carolina. Brea has a flavor of her own. Deeply rooted in her faith she communicates her passion for Jesus throughout her music. “I love Jesus, I love what He did for us, I’m grateful for His commitment to us. So my aim is to honor Him with what He’s given me.

Every song is a gift from God.” Says Brea when asked about her choice and style of music. When asked about her start Brea shared “I’ve always been interested in music. From the time I was a kid rapping on people’s porches for two dollars. I was a businesswoman(she jokes with a smile on her face.) I love music. It really is something that God gave me. It’s in my blood my Great Grandfather was an accomplished musician. Who played piano for everybody from Ella Fitzgerald to B.B. King. I’m proud of that, I’m proud to come from that. True to her Military roots she has toured several military bases performing for the Troops. Fans have been patiently waiting for her high energy, motivational, refreshing sound of music. And Brea will deliver just that in the Summer of 2018.

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