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Young c is a lyricist with a style reminiscent of a time when “A Tribe Called Quest,” “KRS One,” and “Run DMC” ruled the airways, who tells of his struggles, experiences, and triumphs as a young man growing up in his hometown of Riverside, CA. It is his ability to unite his old-school hip-hop flavored flow with the 808’s and instrumentation of contemporary Rap, R&B, Electronica, and even, Jazz that makes his music unique, intriguing, and relevant.

For lack of better words, Young C is your complete artist. With the foundation of original Hip-Hop, Young C’s genre is not solely rugged. The versatility of this young man’s flow has expanded his range to the sounds of rock, jazz, funk, R&B, and even blues. No longer limiting his talents to “rap,” Young C has grown into a musical student; finding a way to respect, honor and incorporate real lyrics into today’s beloved “mainstream” style; making the music appealing to all ages. Bottom line, he is the old sound in a new voice.

Growing up in Riverside, California, Young C has always had a love for rhythmic poetry over beats, but it was not until 2007 that he actually began to record. Hundreds of songs and plenty of small mixes were made over a two-year period by Young C and a local team producer. In mid-2009, an unorganized, mixed CD fell into the hands of Jus-tus’, a production team for Interscope Records, and they fell in love with the raw talent of Young C. After plenty of meetings and studio sessions, Young C signed to independent label, Joining Universal Sounds Together (J.U.S.T.) Productions, in late 2009. This led to the release of his first official mixtape entitled, “PreMature,” in March 2010.

“Premature” is just the first installment of the “Phor Groath (For Growth)” saga. Even though the mixtape was a success, it displayed the talent level of Young C at the time; premature. His HIGHLY anticipated mixtape, “PHOR GROATH,” is subject to release in Summer 2011, and is already expected to be a classic, especially by 99.1 KGGI’s radio personality, ODM. The goal of this album is to capture the personal growth of Young C as an artist, father, and man.

Young C is only in the beginning stages of his musical career, and the future is promising because he is dedicated to getting better with every verse he spits. As he says, “if it isn’t for growth then what am I doing it for?” – Young C

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