Avis Skinner


Wande & The Reach Effect: How a Supportive Environment Can Elevate Artists to New Heights


The 116 Life Ep. 14: Revelations, Marcus Hollinger’s inspiring journey

Sho Baraka: Engaging Faith and Art Authentically

The 116 Life Ep. 35 – “Engaging Faith & Art Authentically with Sho Baraka”

Da Fixx ep 186 Mental Health and Music Industry Erica Campbell

Mental Health and the Music Industry: An Honest Conversation with Erica Campbell

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Is Christian Rap Really Effective in Spreading the Gospel?

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The Awe-Inspiring Power of Christian Hip Hop: The Precise Bob Young Story

Hip Hop Faith and Salvation Eddy Puyol web pic

Hip Hop, Faith, and Salvation: Eddy Puyol is Inspiring a Generation

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Reflecting on 2023: Setting Goals for 2024

The 116 Life Ep 44 web pic

The 116 Life Episode 44: Faithful Footwork with Dejah and David Hector

Authenticity and Love COTB EP 65 09102023 WEB PIC

Shining a Light in Dark Places: The Power of Love and Authenticity

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