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Blessings from the Pandemic


There is one word that unifies humanity over the past two and half years: Pain. Ever since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China, the people of this earth have endured great pain. The sad thing is I don’t see a whole lot happening recently that doesn’t involve pain. But I want to take the advice of Jordan B Peterson and cherish every moment of my life that isn’t painful.

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Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

Mental health is a very near and dear issue for me. Please know I write this only to try and help, not judge or degrade victims of this suffering. I’ve experienced these things to a great degree and wish none of them upon anyone because, quite honestly, I fear mental illness more than death.

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Album Review: Us Against The World


God Over Money is back with their April 2022 release US AGAINST THE WORLD. This is their first full album release since coming together in 2019, and needless to say, they absolutely crushed it.

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Album Review: Big Fil “Defy The Odds”


Big Fil’s 2022 album release “Defy the Odds” is short and sweet. The album makes its point and doesn’t overstay its welcome with only seven songs. There is a consistent theme of self-empowerment and perseverance with which Big Fil aims to inspire the audience through lyrically solid content.

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Is This the World You Want?

Imagine students across the country wondering if today is the day a person shows up with a gun and shoots their peers. Imagine countless Americans suffering from mental illness, killing themselves because they feel alone. Imagine a country ravaged by disease and divided over political views. Now realize that you don’t have to imagine. It’s 2022. And this is real life. This is America.

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Album Review: Chille Baby “Sleeping Giant”

Chille Baby - Sleeping Giant

Chile Baby and the Gospel Gangstaz’s 2022 release “The Sleeping Giant” is nothing short of a heartfelt ride of emotions. As this was the first release from the group since the unexpected passing of band member Mr. Solo, the album opens with an emotional tribute to the artist, mainly from Chile Baby himself since they had a very close relationship. I appreciated this opening because when you start an album in this way, a tribute to a lost loved one, you know the rest of the album is going to be filled with heart and passion. And “The Sleeping Giant” delivers.

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Music Video Review: Big Fil “I Won’t Let Go”

Big Fil - I Won't Let Go

Big Fil is back with a new song titled I Won’t Let Go. The clear running theme throughout the song is gratefulness toward what the Lord does for us and clinging to Him in times of need. “When I think of his goodness and what he’s done for me…I can’t help but let him know I won’t let go.”

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Trip Lee: The End Is Only The Beginning

Trip Lee - The End Album

Trip Lee is finally back with his new album “The End.” Released in March 2022; this is his first release since The Waiting Room in 2016. And this time, he is not holding anything back.  Right out the gate, there is a lyrical focus on abandoning earthly dreams and fame and replacing them with trust…

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