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DJ Tituz – Lava Flows – 10/16/21

This Saturday at 4 PM, DJ Tituz is in the mix: Lava Flows, with songs from Ruslan KD, Mogli the Iceburg, Swoope A.I. The Anomaly and a host of others.

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DJ Severe – Bump Dat Sundays – 10/16/2021

Listen live! @nydjsevere is in the mix as he mixes the best of the best from Osayuki, Zac Ryan, 2.0, Elder Smith, Gee JR, and many more.

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Mike Teezy Ft. Mission – Big Problem

“God on my side, like He driving, I’m riding
I hop in the whip hit the gas then I’m gone”
Mike Teezy x Mission team up for the official video for Big Problem.

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Trip Lee – You Got It

It’s so good to see a new visual from Trip Lee! Another song of the 116 Summer Playlist. Check it out and let us. know what you think!

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Terrell – Unity

The message of this song is to remind the church that we are unified in Christ and that we shouldn’t let anything divide us.

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IV Conerly – Troubled

In his latest visual from “Giant Season,” IV Conerly reminds us what we fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

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KG Santiago, Da Young Disciples, Gina Santiago – I Say

It is a family affair as KG Santiago brings his wife and children into the mix on this one. It is a beautiful thing when, as a family, you can all share your gifts together. Let us know what you think.

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