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What are the benefits of good credit?  What does bad credit cost you?

We often think about these things from a personal perspective, as many of us have been confronted with the realities of car or home loan interest rate differences based on our credit scores.  However, how might developing business credit help you as an entrepreneur?

Kevin delves into many of these topics and provides you with step-by-step guidance from his years of experience in helping individuals and businesses develop and repair their credit, allowing them to secure hundreds of thousands in financing.

Stay tuned as Kevin will drop a new GEM weekly over the next several weeks.

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Personal Series: Part 1

Building personal credit is about more than just the credit score.

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Personal Series: Part 2

In the 2nd video of this series, Kevin Lewis, President of Premisien Credit, helps you address your profile by providing a prioritized list of seven components.

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Personal Series: Part 3

Credit Utilization is the 2nd component that dictates your score.   However, how do you improve it?  Kevin shares some tips.

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Personal Series: Part 4

Credit Age is the 3rd component that dictates your credit score. Unbeknownst to many, there are some things you can do to improve it.

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Personal Series: Part 5

Why do credit inquiries matter?  Is there a certain amount of inquiries over a certain period?  Get the insights from Kevin!

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Personal Series: Part 6

Kevin breaks down component number five to achieve a better personal credit score. While a mix may not hurt your score, having the right mix can greatly improve your score, and Kevin explains how to do that.

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Personal Series: Part 7

Kevin goes further into personal credit inquiries and how they can impact your credit score.


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