El Santuario Christian Church | Pastor Bert Bocachica


We are a bilingual church founded on the Word of God as our highest source. 

We are a church where the supernatural power of God is not only welcomed but intentionally invited. 

We welcome the prodigal, the suffering, the people of any nation, both young and old. 

We are a people of the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of this congregation is to give a visible form to our community of that faith and communion to which God has called his people. We are a local representation of the global church through which Jesus Christ continues to minister to the world by his Holy Spirit. We will try to fulfill this call through corporate worship services; through a Christian parenting curriculum through which members can be built up in their faith and love; through the proclamation of the Gospel by word and deed; and for ministering to human needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

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281 E. 204th Street, Bronx, NY