The World needs Jesus

All around us, we see hurting and hopeless people being crushed by the weight of a broken world. 

But through the fray comes hope, a joyful noise to harken the good news of a risen Christ.

Christian hip-hop is that messenger for generations past, present, and future- and Holy Culture Radio is here to be a megaphone, spreading its gospel from coast to coast touching the hearts of anyone who listens. 

Since its birth, CHH has harnessed the power of music to dispel the negativity of the times and provided an uplifting alternative to believers looking to connect with their faith through song.

The effects have been amazing. 

I found your station by accident a couple of days ago, and THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I need the daily inspiration, and you guys and girls bring it. I'm sure you get this a lot, but this is coming from a 56-year-old white man who was raised on rap and hip-hop. Now I have my two favorites combined. I bought my hoodie and snap back today. I'm tapping in. God bless. - W.S. Foster

Grateful for the ground you broke that so many of us have gotten to plant and reap from over the years! - Ty Scott King

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Thank you for answering the call and doing everything you do for the kingdom. - The Real Moses Job

I love the gospel and playing this station helps me remain focused on my walk with God while enjoying endless streams of dope music. - Shaja Fae

This is really helpful, to overcome the temptations of listening to worldly songs and information. In summary, this app is a God-inspired app. - anonymous

For over 40 years growing in my walk of life, I have never grown as much over the past several months since I have been listening to Holy Culture Radio. I have truly realized REAL RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST JESUS and breaking strongholds that I thought I could never break. - Preston Carter

But perhaps the most important role CHH has played in our culture to date is its ability to make the gospel accessible to so many. By hearing the testimonies of artists who have been where they are, audiences nationwide have tapped into their faith, and unbelievers have come to Christ. 

By partnering up with us this Giving Tuesday to raise $40,000, you will not only become part of a growing community, but you will help keep us on air to continue creating a space where iron sharpens iron and where the Word is shared for the edification and salvation of all.

Won't you join us?

Help Us Continue to Take the Message to the Masses