Help us transform the lives of youth.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us transform the lives of youth as we deliver programming focused on Faith, Arts, Vocation and Eduction.

How your donation will help us

With a focus on the underserved, ages 13-34, we deliver the Gospel and paths for self-improvement through Healing, Hope, and "How TOs."

Impact highlights from 2022:

  • We share Christian Hip Hop Music Talk with 5 Million Subscribers on our SiriusXM Channel 24 hours a day through 15 shows that deliver progressive music and empowering conversations.
  • Since Holy Culture Radio's expansion in April of 2022, more than 3,000 listeners have used tools to improve their lives.
  • We have been able to support the ministries of more than 700 artists by playing their music and having artist pages on the Holy Culture website.
  • We have provided hundreds of books to churches and community organizations for youth training and first-step outreaches.