We are a Christian-first organization and encourage you to review our about page.

If you feel your music would fit Holy Culture Radio well, we’d like to hear from you.  After you submit your music, we encourage you to send us some drops and visit our Christian Hip Hop Artists tips page.  We are invested in your success!

Please be sure to review these points before submission:

  • Please submit what you feel is your best current song for the station.
  • Radio is art and science; we can only accept so many songs.  That said, submitting current/upcoming releases that you have a marketing plan behind is wise.
  • We rarely accept older (e.g. 12 months plus old) music for regular rotation unless it was a widely known song.
  • Submission of music does not guarantee airplay.
  • After submitting, please know.
    • You will see a confirmation message after submitting via the digital form below.
    • We will not provide reviews or critiques of submitted music.
    • By submitting your music, you affirm that you authorize Holy Culture Radio to air your music if the station chooses to do so.