adamariz remixes hit song “PLAN” featuring SiahThyLegend

Published on May 23, 2024

adamariz is back again but this time with a remix to the song that started the year off right “PLAN”. This time adamariz, K-SEE, and ProdbyLoq, add in SiahThyLegend! This marks the second time, adamariz has worked with Siah and round two sets the tone for where adamariz may head after her album release later this year. Adamariz originally teased the remix shortly after the original version was released, but did not want to postpone the singles already lined up, yet the wait was not in vain! Once the beat drops we get into the hook, which is short and will easily be in your head for days! In reaction videos made to the song “PLAN”, many actually said the hook was already stuck in their head after one listen. K-SEE still takes the first verse with memorable lines such as, “taking the backseat”, so that the “Lord, [can] take the lead”. On the second verse, we hear the legend himself! As Siah starts his verse, it’s clear he also is leaving it all in God’s hands. With a triumphant entrance, and a undeniably captivating flow, his verse leads back into the hook as the grand finale. The cover also got a major revamp, in a positive way, thanks to the talented Leah (@zealous_saint on IG).The graffiti-esque cover sets a perfect visualization for how the song feels. Overall, this song is perfect as a reminder of who has the plan, and a great jam! From her catchy hook, to the uniquely captivating production, SiahThyLegend’s refreshing verse and K-SEE’s charged up flow, we get a song perfect for working out or just getting pumped up.

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