Origin Stories: DA FIXX Morning Show

Published on January 4, 2024

The DA FIXX Morning Show has become a fixture for many Holy Culture Radio listeners as they get ready for the day.

While we walk our four-legged friends and ready the kiddies for school, Dice Gamble and DJ Focus fill our morning bustle with music and honest conversations. Newcomers and CHH vets alike open up about their struggles and victories to the melody of hand-picked tunes. 

With over 200 interviews under their belt, the pair have become well known in the Christian music scene- first by the experience they brought to the show and then by the impact they’ve had since in the lives of their audience and musicians alike. 

This is their story.

DJ Focus

DJ Focus has the most amazing poker face. 

There isn’t a twitch that slips or a secret smile that creeps, but what the man lacks in facial expressions, he makes up for in vulnerable honesty. 

Focus has been into music since he was 11, when his dad gifted him a mixer and an album set for his birthday. He would DJ weddings, graduations, and neighborhood parties for some time, steeping himself with the soundtrack of secular hip hop. 

It was this music, he says, that seeped into his spirit and became a detriment to him. Pornography, gambling, heavy smoking, and drinking were all part of who he had become- until he encountered the presence of God, like a warm embrace in a church service. 

He re-dedicated his life to Christ and took a five-year hiatus to spiritually detox from what the world had turned him into. 

Digging into Christian hip-hop to painstakingly replace each secular artist that had filled his ears over the years, Focus became a walking testament to the effects Christian music could have on a soul. He mixed and handed out CDs wherever he went, spreading the good news of the gospel with expertly curated music. 

Unbeknownst to him, a supervisor had a Christian online radio station in one of his jobs and had been vetting Focus for months. In 2016 Focus began DA FIXX as CEO and host on that platform, grew the audience for two years, and subsequently worked his way to 50 other online platforms. In 2020 He graduated from Ohio Broadcasting School before arriving at Power 89.1 FM WNZN, where he would win his first Stellar Award for DA FIXX.

Dice Gamble

Dice came to the DA FIXX with an established name and career of her own. 

Though she had grown up in a Christian household, Dice recalls she used her twenties to go ‘wild,’ following her own darkness, she tried all kinds of drugs and religions, trying to find her way back into a semblance of peace.

She toured the world for ten years as part of a secular ensemble COM UNIT, appearing on BET, MTV, and VH1. 

By 2004, she had clout and an extensive network, but her personal life was in shambles. She had been married, divorced, and was now a mother- living in public housing with her son and angry at God for reasons she didn’t express.

Hwy 85 became the centerpiece of Dice’s catalyst- when, after three accidents, she found herself escaping the same fate that almost claimed her friend’s life. 

With a cry of desperation to God, she heard His voice clearly say, “Give your life to me.” With a tired soul, she re-dedicated her life to God.

She found NOW Faith Church, where she was discipled and began doing music as part of her ministry. She became a licensed minister to break down barriers to her work as a Christian artist, and her career as a CHH femcee began. 

Her first album, Crazy Faith, was released in 2005. Since then, she has dropped dozens of projects and has received countless nominations and awards.

Enter James “Trig” Rosseau

CEO and Founder of Holy Culture James “Trig” Rosseau had been aware of Focus as one of the shows from the One Accord DJ Alliance

While attending the Mic Drop Premier in Dallas in 2021, both Trig and Focus happened to be sitting at a breakfast table, and hit it off. 

Both men realized they were on the same wavelength of wanting to create a platform for Christian hip-hop culture. Trig began to share his journey with Sirius XM Radio. Focus eagerly sought a way to help, and the rest is history. 

Until it wasn’t.

Upon securing the contract with Sirius and reaching back to Focus to come on board, the fellas hit a snag.

Relationships with DA FIXX’s co-host had hit the rocks, and Focus found himself without a host and at a loss for what to do next. 

Meanwhile, Dice had sent Trig a t-shirt from her line at CHH University, and when they hopped on a call, Trig brought up the idea of Dice doing radio. Trig made the introduction, Dice and 

Focus found their groove, and the Da FIXX Morning Show was ready to launch. 

The Show

DA FIXX Morning Show launched on April 21, 2022, with both Focus and Dice at the helm- purposeful in name and mission.Named after Focus’ journey to fix the havoc secular music had wreaked in his life, its mission is to expose our culture to positive but relevant music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center of the message.

Together, they’ve interviewed CHH legends, breakthrough artists, and chart toppers- each artist contributing their take on hot topics in music and faith, and have shared their struggles and victories with mental health in Da Spiritual Detox segment. 

The featured tracks are specially selected to flow with the day’s topic, giving the listener an intentional musical experience, each song harmonizing lyrically with the conversation. And the Winning Prescription gives them a playlist to fill their weekends with spirit filled tracks. 

Focus’s unwavering honesty brings depth to the show, and Dice’s dynamic personality injects the show with infectious enthusiasm, making the pair a winning combination, captivating audiences with each broadcast.


Since its inception, DA FIXX has delivered on its mission- creating a Christ-centered space for artists to share the gospel through the power of music, their stories adding to the beautiful tapestry of Christian hip-hop culture. 

In their first year on Holy Culture Radio, they were nominated and won Stellar Awards and Kingdom Choice Awards for Best Podcast/Radio Show. 

Their online and social media presence is cemented as a vibrant community hub where fans, artists, and believers converge to celebrate faith-infused hip-hop. DA FIXX’s unwavering commitment to their Christ-centered vision resonates through every beat and lyric, fostering an environment where the transformative message of the gospel seamlessly intertwines with the rhythmic cadence of urban music.

The accolades garnered within their first year underscore the impact of their mission, recognizing DA FIXX as a trailblazer in the realm of Podcasts/Radio Shows.

As their online and social media presence continues to grow, so does their ability to amplify voices and stories that change the narrative of the times. DA FIXX stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for artists to boldly proclaim their faith, making an indelible mark on the genre and, ultimately, fostering a deeper connection between Christ and the universal language of music.




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