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[read.] Caesura-The Debut Collaboration Album From DJ LostnFound

Album Release Caesura: The Debut Collaboration Album Listen to Caesura right now! Overview of the Project The Problem: CHH has a long-lasting issue of a lack of unity. We’ve identified the issue, but few have seemed to actually take steps to remedy this constant talking point. The Solution: Curate a collaboration album of 26 indie…

[read.] Kenneth Townsell – Seems Like Forever 2

Hailing from Chicago, you can hear the sounds of the city flow through Kenneth Townsell. His upcoming project Seems Like Forever 2 is a love letter to his life and where he’s come to now.

[read.] Justin Martyr Releases the New Album – N.N.S.M.

Justin Martyr aka Justin-Credible has released the New Album ‘NNSM’ which stands for “New Name Same Mission.” NNSM is Justin’s fourth album and it explores a portion of the journey Justin took when he moved from his hometown of Miami, FL.

[read.] Album Review: Brandon R Music “Chosen”

BRM aka Brandon R Music is the President of Rapture Ready North, a Christian Hip Hop label that serves as home to a full roster of up and coming CHH artists. A number of those artists make guest appearances throughout this 12 track LP. As with any championship organization it takes time, strategy, and the right pieces to make it all work together. Ideally Brandon is the Owner, GM, and a Player on that same team. He wears many hats, but from the start of the new album from BRM entitled “Chosen”, you can clearly see that the model/theme of “Team” is present throughout. BRM makes it clear in the title track, “The Chosen”, that CHH, needed a wakeup call/reminder, “What you doin’ CHH? Yo HE chose us or did he not? Have you found a lane or you still up in that parking lot?”

[read.] Death. Taxes.

Death. Taxes. “And he said: You want to know the secret of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?” – Gibran “The Prophet”   I intended to knock out this short article on the “end of physical life,” aka death back in May…early May. Then Ravi…

[read.] Are All Sins the Same?

Are All Sins the Same? It’s very popular for Christians to say, “All Sins are the same.” Maybe you’ve heard your Pastor say that or read it in an article somewhere. Maybe you heard someone on TV say it. These sentiments and opinions are pretty mainstream in many places both among Christians and non-believers alike…

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