HURT – Big God

Big God is the latest track to be released from H.U.R.T. It’s off his newest album, Against all Gods, which was just recently released. This video debuted about a week ago and it has already received so much love and praise online. The one thing you immediately notice about this track is how powerful the vocals are. Not just in a literal sense. H.U.R.T. does have an amazing voice, but the lyrics and the rhymes he is putting out there speak so much to so many people. They are delivered in such a real sense that they resonate greatly with the listeners.

They talk about false gods and about how people are worshiping other things that they really shouldn’t. They talk about how chaotic life can be. God Is Bigger than all that and we have so much to be thankful for. Like H.U.R T. preaches in the song, we’re thankful for our life. We’re thankful for the fact that God gives us health and gets us through every day. Nothing can be accomplished without the help of God.

He’s described as a “Big God” because he’s the only God. He’s the only thing we should be worshiping. Nothing else should come before him. H.U.R.T. preaches all this and so much more in such a real way in this song. This is probably one of the best tracks you will find on this album. All things considered, the album itself is just completely amazing. However, this is a track that many people will enjoy and will be able to take to heart. Not just because it is a fantastic piece of music but because it is probably the most real gospel message that people will hear. Nothing will ever be greater than God. He is a Big God. He is the only thing that is out there. He is the Alpha and Omega just like the Bible teaches us. Nothing else comes before him. No other idols or anything else in this world should be worshiped before him. This song absolutely drives these points home and so much more.