Video: Video: D4C – Untitled (Music Video)

UNTITLED31Artist Name: D4C
Song Name: Untitled
Produced by: Sinima

CD Name: Unite
Record Label: 413 Records/The Commission

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With the release of his upcoming album “Unite” only weeks away… D4C has released his next single titled “Untitled” from the album. The song is an anthem declaring his life is no longer his own… but that of God and no longer deceived by the world and his flesh.

A member of The Commission in Australia… D4C has been busy touring around Australia and performing and speaking into the lives of all in need. Helping them to find a hope & enduring God’s grace. for more information you can check out

Look out for his album “Unite” which will be available soon with lots of great artists featured on the project including; R-Swift, Sevin, Zion, Genesiz, KamBINO, Purified, Tim Turner, Mark Ant + more!!