The 116 Life Episode 4 – Passion, purpose and musicality with the incomparable Tedashii

One of the founding members of the 116 movement Tedashii sits down with Marcus and Ace to discuss his relationship with Lecrae, how he went from studying journalism to rapping and walking in your intended purpose.

Tedashii, who was actually Lecrae’s college roommate, opens up about not actually liking him when they first met.  “I met him in the midst of some group gathering…I was hanging with people that I knew already. So, when Lecrae came in I’m talking with him.  I’m hanging out with him.  We all base our opinion of people on the first impression.  My first impression of him was off-putting.    Honestly just because he didn’t seem to be like all the other people that I knew there.  Anybody who stands out and looks different you automatically look suspect at.  That’s what I did to him.” 

Funny enough, T-Dot found out weeks later as they were riding in a car together, that Lecrae felt the same way.  “Oh man, I didn’t even like you when I first met you,” Lecrae told him bluntly.  “When he said that, I was like I didn’t like you either bruh.”  The two had an honest conversation that day leading to mutual respect and the beginning of a new movement that would change the forever impact hip hop. 

Even though the Reach Records alum started freestyling in high school, it was not originally something Tedashii wanted to pursue professionally. “It got real for me right around Blacklight.  Kingdom people introduced me to people, but Identity Crisis gave me a career.”


Reach Records alum and 116 founding member, Tedashii shares his passion, talks his purpose to be a present help.
Tedashii’s Identity Crisis Artwork

The rapper-turned-podcaster actually went to school for journalism and wanted to coach.  “I was an academic.  I wanted to be like Tavis Smiley.  I wanted to be like Ted Koppel.”   

With the urging of both Ben Washer and Lecrae to continue music, Tedashii sought insight from his spiritual leader who encouraged him as well.    “As I was praying one day, this came to me.  God always endorses the plans that He allows.  And it was evident that He was endorsing this moment.  Every door I tried to go through academically or athletically; shut down.  But every creative door I tried to go through, especially in music.   Wide open!”

Despite not wanting to initially do music his creativity overflows.  “I’m an artist.  I embody whatever I need to for the art. I learned a long time ago, really in college about musicality.  That word is a real word.  We usually think of it as far as people’s musical ability.  Musicality speaks more so the idea of a two-lane highway.  On one side I’m giving you what I created.  But in order for it to fully work, I also have to receive what from you and what you feel based on engaging it.”    

Just listening to Tedashii you get the feeling that he is a deep thinker and can hear has a passion for God, life, and love.  “Purpose for me is to live out the intent with which I have been created,” he explains. “This microphone was created with an intent.  And to use it opposite or outside of its intent.  That doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  It could totally be something to be put up as décor.  Or it could totally be something I use as a paperweight.  But if you use it for its intent, it does something phenomenal!”

Tedashii shares his purpose and wants to be a present help to parents who've lost children.
Tedashii holding a pic of his son Chase

Back in 2013, Tedashii lost his son Chase.  It is that experience that fuels his desire to become a present help to those parents who have lost children and to aid in bringing future hope for those who’ve experienced brokenness through his Chase Foundation.  Passionate about encouraging and empowering youth and young adults who are likewise struggling to cope with brokenness, he hopes to be able to offer scholarships to trade schools in the future.  Visit for more information and how you can donate or volunteer. 

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Marcus and Ace sit down with Tedashii and talk purpose, musicality and more.
Marcus Hollinger and Ace Harris