1k Phew and Tye Tribbet – Baptize

The music world is abuzz about the latest release from talented duo 1K Phew and Tye Tribbett. Their song, aptly titled “Baptize” was released just a little over a week ago. The song has already garnered over 15,000 views and over 1k likes. What genre would you use to describe this song? While Christian rap and hip hop is the broad category, this song has a style and sound that transcends that.

To call it gospel rap is better suited. This song is unique in style and sound. The lyrics are incredible! The way they sing gives this song a better sound than some of the others in this genre.

Overall, the song talks about changing ways and how the singer no longer wants to be the person that he used to be. Narratives at the beginning of the song tell about childhood memories of going to church. The style of the song will get everyone who listens to it hyped. We all need to be baptized or saved, in order to become better than who we used to be.