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Andre “Righteous119” Bowden was born in Washington, DC. September 22 1981. At the age of nine he began to sing in the three to twelve choir. However, Righteous did not discover rap music until the age of eleven. At this age he was not allowed to listen to rap music, but every morning, Righteous would wait for his mother to leave for work at 5:30, wait about 15 minutes to make sure she was gone, then he would turn on the stereo system and fantasize that he was the rapper or singer on the radio. He would bump the music loud enough to drive his neighbors crazy. Years later in the 11th grade Righteous, and best friend Harris Tay start a christian rap group called Most Dangerous Soldiers. However, Righteous wanted to sing r&b at the time so he was never with the group any further than the DC., Maryland area.

Righteous went to College on a vocal music scholarship, where he rediscovered his love to sing in the choir. However, Righteous had a dream that did not include college so he dropped out some years later to pursue his music in Atlanta, Ga. In Atlanta, he rediscovered his love for rap music so he finally began to write rap again. He began to push his music along with “other things” in Atlanta. However Righteous knew something was missing in his life. Nothing was working out in Atlanta, so Righteous moved in with his mom in macon, ga. One Sunday, Righteous attended Greater Overcoming Church of God, where Guest speaker Prophetess Holt, prophesied that Righteous would minister the Gospel through praise and worship music, around the world. At the time Righteous (then called Dre Osyrus) had a demo, he believed in, and a group he just started called ” the Outfit”. So, for awhile, he was a bit confused. However, he eventually challenged himself to write one gospel song, more out of curiosity of what was prophesied. He wanted it to be accurate so he studied behind it. Yet, instead of reading the Word, The Word started reading him. God began to deal with him, and encourage him through the process of writing, as well as Christian lifestyle. Eventually, he went to Atlanta, to record the song. Righteous was very nervous, so he prayed through the entire song. When he heard the song in playback, tears began to roll down his face as he praised God for the Truth that penetrated his heart. It was then that Righteous made up his mind to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ only, with the musical gifts God gave him.

In 2005, Righteous rededicated His life to Christ, and Has Never looked back since!!! Throughout His ministry, Jesus Christ, has blessed this young “Oak Tree of Righteousness” with an abundance of fruit!! He has had the privilege of sharing stages with artists such as, Lil Mo, Carl Thomas, Marcus Coles of Commisioned, Davidz Passion, John P. Kee, Donnie McClurkin, Movement of Truth, Infamous, Quest, Flo of Platinum Souls, Fedel, Cash Hollistah, and so many others!!

In 2009, The anointed messages God breathed through Righteous 119, captured the attention of 3HP Records CEO, Troy Edwards, and President of 3HP Records, Lamario ” Mouthpiece” Houston. From the first conversation, there was a connection realized, that immediately escalated into Righteous Fruition. At the end of 2009, Righteous 119 signed to 3hp Records!! However, God Did Not Stop Here!!! God blessed Righteous 119 with the ” OUTFIT JEHOVAH BAND”!!! A seven piece, mellifluous, Unit for Christ, comprised of All State Musicians, and Vocalists!! However, GOD DID NOT STOP HERE!!! God, breathed through 3HP Records, to release Righteous 119’s Single Helpless, Which became an Instant Hit, in the United States, Australia, Kenya, and Japan!!! However, GOD DID NOT STOP HERE!! The Christ Inspired, Global Consumer Base of Righteous 119 demanded the attention of the F.R.N Committee, resulting in Two People’s Choice Award Nominations. He has been nominated, for ” Top Artist of 2009″ , and RIghteous 119’s single ” Helpless” has been nominated for Top Song of 2009!! Praise Jesus!! I can’t tell you what’s next for Righteous 119, but I will Tell you this! Righteous 119’s, multiple accomplishments, are only a mere graze of the surface of what God Has in store for Him!

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