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Vision Regeneration

Vision Regeneration

A Community Conversation

May 18, 2009

The eighties and nineties saw an insurgence of gangs, nearly paralyzing the communities they infiltrated with escalating violence and criminal activity. The combined efforts of community outreach programs, lawmakers, and law enforcement have been effective in reducing inner city gang activity. The face of inner city violence has since evolved.

There is a new phenomenon – a fatalistic neighborhood identification – that is just as dangerous to at-risk youth. Whereas traditional street gangs were organized around a common initiative or threat and members chose to belong, the new pattern of violence is neighborhood-based with no particular members or targets. Youth can become victims of senseless violence only by virtue of where they live – not based on their behavior, their friends or any other factors in their control.

Hosted by Vision Regeneration, Inc. founder and Chief Visionary Officer Omar Jahwar, Community Conversation participants will include community leaders, radio and television personalities, entertainers, teachers, parents, past or presently affiliated gang members, and youth directly impacted. The objective is to create dialogue that defuses neighborhood tensions and to offer neighborhood youth real alternatives through PositiveXChange.

Please join us on May 18th at 6:30 PM at the PIE Center, 1914 S. Ewing, Dallas 75216.

A Community Conversation

A Community Conversation 2

A Community Conversation 3

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