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This week Nifty and Kay C talk about the many ‘types’ of sin and the blanket statement, “all sin is sin”. Is this statement true? Should humans ‘treat’ all sin the same? Or are some sins more ‘taboo’ than others? Does God Himself allow distinction within various kinds of sin? Tune in and find out!


The More-Talk Hour
BoogieB – Fight the Good Fight ft. ChurchBoy & Shaina
Promise – Do it Again
JusThoughtz – For Sure
E-Tizz – Loving You

The More-Music Hour with DJ Versatile

MIX 1 32 minutes

  1. 1 Way – 11:59pm
  2. R-Swift – Anthem
  3. Ruslan – EXhibit R
  4. Merse – Dreams
  5. Prophet – 40 Bars
  6. Mark J – Champion
  7. Chaos Theory – High Road
  8. Young Paul – Stuck To You
  9. Shad – Brother (Watching)

Relic – Stronger
Andale – Tearz of a Clown
NevaHurd – Do Much More ft. Nigel Woodz
Manafest – Glory
Cash Hollister – More Than a Woman
Canton Jones – Top Modal

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