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Born in Southern California H.U.R.T. has embodied the west coast style of music and culture since his first song. Growing up in a broken home and not receiving the guidance and or love that he needed drove him to the streets ultimately resulting in him gang banging. Being raised in church but maturing in the streets created the spiritually laced, lyrical, intellectual gangsta rap style that he’s become known for. Headlining countless shows and opening up for a number of hip hops major artists H.U.R.T. began to gain notoriety around the nation. In 2009 he released his debut album The Pray-Lewd as he began to transition from being a gang banger who rapped to a businessman who happened to be from a gang.

In 2010 he began recording his 2nd album called HU.R.T. which was scheduled to be his debut to the mainstream industry due to the professional relationships he’d acquired after releasing The Pray-Lewd. By 2011 the album was done and while in the midst of filming a documentary and meeting with labels he gave his life to Christ. H.U.R.T. then deleted his music catalog and footage throwing himself into the ministry and quitting rap for what he thought was to be for good. God had other plans and in 2014 the Lord called him back to music, but this time it was for ministry instead of his own selfish ambitions. Giving 14 years to the streets and gangs created a passion to make music centered on ministering to those in the same situations that God had delivered him from.

In 2015 he was ordained as a pastor, a calling and office which fuels every move in and out of CHH genre. 2016 saw the debut of H.U.R.T. as a Christian hip hop artist with the release of his single God’s Love along with a thought-provoking video. He continues to release music under the label and ministry RPH {Royal Priest Hood} and has ministered either in music or outreach (shows) with artists such as Bizzle, GS, Datin, Sevin, Illuminate, Dontae, Faith Pettis, Q’Heem, Eshon Burgundy, No Malice, Thi’sl, Bryann Trejo and more. H.U.R.T. is ministry-minded, powered by the Holy Spirit and believes that music ministry should embody the best of both worlds; great music and the Kingdom of God!

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