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Audio Leak: Larry P “The Neglected Truth”

Artist: Larry P
The Neglected Truth
CD Name: Evan’s song

Audio Leak

Born in the early 1980’s, Larry P (Larry Porter) grew up in Holly Springs, MS. He began his rap career as a secular artist, but after finding Christ at the age of 21, he started being about God’s business. From that point on Larry P began to use his talent to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and felt that there was a need to encourage others with his testimony. After accepting his calling into the ministry of the Christian Rap genre, Larry P testifies by letting others know his past and where God has brought him from.

Larry P has a powerful message and is very grateful for God blessing him with this special gift. Since salvation, God has also blessed Larry P to be multitalented. Not only does Larry P just rap, but God has also given him the ability to write, produce, and mix his own music.

After the release of a duo project: a.k.a NON-FICTION, “Saved Identitiy”; Larry P was led to seek a solo ministry of his own. With the release of his new inspirational singles such as: P.U.S.H, JOHN & SUSIE, STAY POSITIVE, and FOR EVERY TEAR; from his debut album (THE NEGLECTED TRUTH), Larry P delivers the truth and the truth only. He keeps it simple, to the point, and has an encouraging word every time he raps a bar. His music has a very unique sound, which can go both gospel and secular. With his ear persuading tracks, intertwined with God’s Word, his unique Christian Rap ministry can help the young and older audience that are in need of hope. He has been through the struggle and knows what it is like to suffer for Christ. He waits to see what God does next in our youth’s society and has a very anointing message to proclaim.

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