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Artist Name: Uprise Click
Song Title:
The Official Party
CD Name:

Audio Leak

The Uprise Click is 3 brothers,1 sister that’s been rapping and doing shows about 7years but established 4years starting with Ricardo Wallace a.k.a. Roliztik,Timothy Johnson a.k.a. K.O ,Donta Johnson a.k.a. O.K ,Christy Johnson a.k.a. Dezinee ,from Oklahoma city destined to put a mark on the hip hop/rap/r&b scene with a unique message of truth unlike alot of music that’s distributed everyday, the group has done over 50 shows and open up for various major underground artist the group has got alot of radio play on radio/christian radio and have drop 6 albums one album reaching in Tokyo,.japan and the United kingdom the Uprise Click is still staying busy opening up a Recording studio,Record label G.V.INTERNATIONAL RECORDS,and also a entertainment company to throw they own tours,the group main mission is to bring real truth to the music world and to make the message of truth in JESUS International.

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