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Blue Chip & Specialist - Ground Zero

Blue Chip & Specialist - Ground Zero

When I decided to take up the task of reviewing Blue Chip & Specialist my first thought was, ‘who are these cats?’ Well the brothers waste no time introducing themselves as they borrow a classic hip hop hook from an emcee who once referred to himself as “criminal minded”.

1, 2, 3 the crew is Boaneges
we come to pick up the microphone once again
if you want to start runnin’
break out

This rugged rhyming two man crew is a subset of the group known as the Righteous Riders. Boaneges or Sons of Thunder as they call themselves showcase varied and diverse blend of talent on this packed CD. They are comprised of a generous helping of hot lyrical ability and smoothed out vocals. When I say these cats can sing I mean they can flip the script and put together a bangin’ rhythm & praise project as well.

The project is filled with production that is nothing short of bananas. There’s a mix of hard hitting boom bap tracks, Latin styled joints, midwest bangers, melodic rhythm and praise songs, and Reggae. The CD starts off with Blesses with Flows which is sure to turn heads at the gas station if you drive up rockin’ it. This song functions as an introductory wake call to let heads know they intend on bringing it in an uncompromising fashion. The tone swiftly shifts into chill mode as I Want to Trust You comes across as an intimate song framed in a melodically prayerful spirit against the backdrop of rhythm and praise.

One of their most Christ-centered songs [Who is He to you] takes the listener on a guided tour of a life strewn with thuggish characteristic that subsequently gets transformed after coming into a collision course with Christ. The artists then conceptualize the thug life metaphor and transpose it on to Christ for the purpose of presenting Him as courageously bold in the face of His opponents. Much love to Boaneges bragging on Christ as they clearly proclaim His deity, His humanity, His death, and His resurrection.

For those who enjoy transparent and reflective songs that take you into the world of the artist, this project has that too. Freedom eerily fills that craving as your taken through the footsteps of a young man who found himself deeper and deeper in the bondage of sin until Christ comes to the rescue!

Ground zero also tackles such topics as fighting the flesh, standing strong against the peer pressure, and praying through daily struggles. The project as a whole is really entertaining; however the theological content in some songs cause me to pause. There are references such as: rebukin’ sickness out of existence; takin back what the enemy stole; and there’s mention of the Holy Spirit becoming involuntary like the hic ups. So as with any book or CD cop it and listen discerningly with your Bible open.

Grace & Peace


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