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Bobby Bishop “Everyday Man”
Released:  July 2009
Reviewed By:  APX
Committee Rating:  3.69 (of 5)
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Bobby Bishop has been a mainstay in Christian hip hop for quite some time and his most recent offering, “Everyday Man,” is a clear indication that he’ll be around for many more spins.  His contribution on this go-round is as honest as his life experiences.  You’ll find vintage Bobby with heartfelt and introspective gems like the title track Everyday Man and Welcome Home. In Everyday Man Bobby opens up about the struggles we all have as regular, everyday people.  The music on this particular track is earnest and sincere, finding Bobby adding depth through his delivery.  Welcome Home displays Bobby’s heart about being home with his family and how he embraces the people and city of Philly as family as well.  You’ll also find the skillful storytelling Bobby (actually, throughout almost the whole album) most notably in Step 1, Step 2 and One Shot. Both tracks are stories depicted “through the eyes of” and clearly demonstrate Bobby’s ability to relate to folks through this type of conceptual approach.  In One Shot Bobby impressively switches up his flow with a varying cadence, all the while staying on point with telling the story.  The hip hop Bobby is displayed as well via the lyrical Prologue and Epilogue. Furthermore, he demonstrates his hip hop dexterity in I Get My. The “logue” tracks are typical east coast hip hop “spit to it” type of beats, but in I Get My, I was pleased to hear a refreshing musical approach from Bobby.  The track is simple yet certainly relevant and up to date with its futuristic Timbaland type synths.

Back in the Beatmart days, I remember purchasing the “Government Name” album on the day of its release and thoroughly enjoying it.  But I have to say that this record is much more substantial and well rounded in regards to content, music production, and overall vibe.  The music and beats are less on the commercial and pop vein and more on an urban type of authentic/real life vein, which to me resonates more. (Although I also enjoy mainstream commercial music.)  The music in tracks like Launch, King, and If This Is Love, are a bit melancholy yet it allows me to feel the song and the intensity behind the story/concept.  To be honest, these are the tracks that stood out to me the most at first listen.  The instrumentation is strong and bright.  The mellow mid-tempo vibe reverberates and each hook has an intensity to it that connects the lyrics to the music and vice versa.

I can tell that Bobby invested valuable time on this album; I can hear the sincerity on each track.  I can feel the vibe on each record, whether it’s an introspective track or a straight up hip hop track.  The overall message of living life as an “Everyday Man” was certainly communicated throughout the album.  This album get’s my vote for the “keep it knockin in your stereo for a while, while you take your long summer road trips and make sure you play it three times if you have to” award.

Great job Bob!  Stay faithful to the path God has laid before you and keep striving to be excellent…you’re an encouragement to many people, especially the Christian hip hop community!!!!!

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Review Committee
Review by:  APX

Rated by:
APX – Avg Rating:  4.58
B.Davis – Avg Rating:  3.14
DJ Guardian – Avg Rating:  3.35

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