Caleb Gordon – Rocky Road Pt2

This song is really interesting. The fact that it starts off with a scripture in the beginning sort of gives you a taste of what the song is about. The whole intro to the entire video is sort of emotional but it touches on a very important message about sinning and being weighed down by our sins and needing help to get out of that whole situation. We know that we aren’t alone in that struggle.  We not only have God on our side but if we have the right type of friends they can help us get through whatever struggles we are going through in our life.

One of the more poignant lines in the song “My sin thought it could win, I throw up a prayer, it’s gone like the wind..” That is so very true because prayers are the most powerful thing. It is the most important thing we have. It is our connection to God. It’s how we communicate with Him. We of course know that through Him all things are possible, so with His assistance, we can easily overcome our sins or any other obstacles in our life.

 A lot of times all it takes is just a prayer and asking him for assistance because he is God. He teaches us the ways that we are supposed to walk in, the ways to live our lives.

There are many different metaphors in the song. One used is talking about being like Lazarus again and being raised out of the Tomb, and that whole parable about how Lazarus was raised from the dead. There were many comments on the YouTube video for the song talking about how this lyric stands out to a lot of people especially the Born Again community. In essence that is true because once you are born again it is sort of like you are being raised from the dead like Lazarus. You are finding God again.

You’re being reborn as a different person, as a Christian. So the song is an incredible treat. It is a truly inspirational rap song. The talent in this song is just mind-blowing. The lyrical flow of these two singers is something incredible.