The Power of Christian Hip Hop: How Yung Kriss Found Redemption Through Music

On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of discussing faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry with our special guest Christian Hip Hop and R&B artist, Yung Kriss.

Pushing the Culture of Christian R&B and Gospel Music

In this episode, we discussed the importance of pushing the culture of Christian R&B and gospel music, acknowledging the trailblazers like BeBe and CeCe Winans, Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. We also recognized Canton Jones as a pioneer in Christian hip hop.

The Need for Church Support

We praised Yung Kriss for his talent and success on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. However, we also discussed the need for the church to support Christian hip hop artists and have a real conversation about it. Dice Gamble shared her experience of being kicked out of two churches, highlighting the need to address this issue. We discussed the importance of asking for support and the benefits and challenges of churches supporting artists.

Ambassadors for Faith

We encouraged our listeners to be ambassadors for their faith and discussed our mission to expose the culture to positive and relevant music centered around Jesus Christ. We also mentioned upcoming music releases and played a song to set the spiritual tone.

Yung Kriss: A Journey of Faith and Music

We welcomed Yung Kriss to the show and delved into his journey of developing a personal relationship with Christ. He shared his personal journey of faith, explaining how a desperate situation led him to turn to God. He discussed the challenges he faced, such as letting go of unforgiveness and learning to walk in grace and love. He also shared his early experiences in music, starting with singing and eventually learning to rap and record himself.

The Creative Process of Yung Kriss

Yung Kriss shared his process of writing music and how he finds inspiration. He mentioned that he works best when collaborating with his team or when he’s alone in the studio. He also talked about his song “Ready for It All” and how it came together. He explained that the melody for the first half of the song was freestyled, and then he went back to fine-tune it. He shared that he prays before his sessions, asking God to speak through him and guide him in his music.

Discussing Romance, Intimacy, and Relationships from a Christian Perspective

Yung Kriss emphasized the importance of discussing romance, intimacy, and relationships from a Christian perspective. He believes that Christians should not shy away from these topics because the world is already talking about them. He wants to provide a truthful and relatable perspective on love and relationships through his music.

The Value of Christian Hip Hop in the Church

We expressed our support for Yung Kriss and discussed the value of Christian hip hop in the church. We emphasized the need for the church to support and uplift Christian hip hop artists, as they have the potential to reach and impact the youth. We also highlighted the growing popularity of Christian hip hop and its presence on mainstream radio.

The Importance of Church Support

We discussed the importance of the church supporting Christian hip hop artists. We emphasized that if the church backs these artists, they won’t have to seek support from the secular world. We encouraged churches to embrace change and provide a safe space for it.

The Need for Effective Communication

We discussed the need for effective communication and meeting people where they are. He believes that the church needs to adapt to the digital age and engage with people online.

Incorporating Faith-Infused Hip Hop into Playlists

We discussed the importance of incorporating faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and gospel music into our playlists. We believe in creating an atmosphere where married couples can enjoy dancing and having fun without any guilt or shame.


In conclusion, we believe that the church should be a shining star and a beacon of hope in the community. We urge the church to seize the opportunity to support these artists and their positive messages. We hope that our conversation with Yung Kriss has inspired you to support Christian hip hop artists and their mission to spread the gospel through their music.

To connect with and stream Yung Kriss’ music, visit his website to stay up to date. Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture Artist Resources page for information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music business. Thank you for tuning in as always. And God bless. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show!

The Power of Christian Hip Hop with Yung Kriss


The introduction and discussion of faith-infused R&B and gospel music [00:00:00] The hosts talk about the history and influence of faith-infused R&B and gospel music, mentioning artists like BeBe and CeCe Winans, Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin.

The importance of the church supporting Christian hip hop artists [00:03:11] Discussion on the need for the church to support Christian hip hop artists and the benefits of churches embracing and collaborating with artists.

Yung Kriss’ faith journey and transition to making faith-centered music [00:07:28] Yung Kriss shares his personal faith journey, including how he was introduced to Christianity and how he transitioned from secular music to making faith-centered music.

Yung Kriss’ Faith Journey [00:09:50] Yung Kriss discusses his faith journey, including his desperation, giving up music, and learning to walk in grace and forgiveness.

Discovering His Purpose in Music [00:10:43] Yung Kriss shares how he initially gave up music but later realized that God had called him to use his gift and taught him how to operate in it.

The Process of Becoming an Artist [00:12:59] Yung Kriss talks about his journey of becoming a self-taught singer, engineer, and rapper, including the hours of trial and error, finding his own voice, and the importance of having a supportive circle of brothers.

Writing process and authenticity [00:19:07] Yung Kriss discusses his writing process, which involves working with a team, recording rough drafts, and freestyling. He emphasizes the importance of being authentic in his music.

Inspiration behind “Ready for it all” [00:21:17] Yung Kriss explains that “Ready for it all” is a song about being ready for God to come back and redeem the world. He shares how the melody and the idea for the song came naturally to him.

Inspiration behind “Slow dancing” [00:24:08] Yung Kriss talks about how “Slow dancing” pays homage to his father and his upbringing, and how it serves as a metaphor for walking in faith and following in God’s footsteps.

The importance of talking about romance and intimacy [00:28:45] Discussion on the importance of addressing topics like romance and intimacy from a place of truth and wholesomeness, as it is relatable to everyone.

The personal inspiration behind “When Tears Fall” [00:29:57] The guest artist, Yung Kriss, talks about how his song “When Tears Fall” was inspired by a personal experience of seeing relationships change and people leaving the faith.

The potential of Christian hip hop and the need for church support [00:33:25] Discussion on the value of Christian hip hop and the need for the church to fully support and embrace this genre, as it has the potential to impact the world and bring hope.

The importance of church support [00:38:49] Discussion on how artists would stop looking to the world for support if the church would back them.

Relevance of Christian hip hop for young adults [00:41:09] Exploring the importance of including Christian hip hop artists in conversations with young adult groups.

The need for church support in the music industry [00:46:29] Emphasizing the importance of the church supporting Christian hip hop artists and spreading the word about their music.

The importance of supporting Christian hip hop [00:50:05] Discussion about the impact of reposting and supporting Christian hip hop music, and the need for the church to recognize and support the genre.

The church’s missed opportunities in ministry [00:51:06] Exploration of how the church can better reach people and make a difference by supporting different ministers who are actively working in the streets and speaking the language of the community.

The need for effective communication and diverse ministries [00:54:10] Emphasis on the importance of speaking different languages and using diverse ministries to effectively reach and minister to people in various contexts, rather than limiting God’s work to a specific time frame or method.

The importance of diverse music genres [00:59:39] Discussion on the importance of having a balance of different music genres at family functions and events.

Support for Christian hip hop [01:01:15] The need for support for Christian hip hop and faith-infused music and encourage listeners to add Young Chris’ music to their playlists.

Challenges in the music industry [01:03:01] The desire for Christian hip hop to be recognized in mainstream awards ceremonies and discuss their intention to ask challenging questions to artists in the industry.