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rfr2013600x300-copy1Get your paper and pen ready to take some notes as we dig in to the ROOTS of HIP HOP with DJ Break Beat Lou of the Ultimate Break Beats and Artist / Designer Eric Orr. We are super excited to announce that DJ Break Beat Lou will be ministering with us at Rap Fest 2014 and Eric Orr will be providing artwork for the event as well.

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Rap Fest Radio – @rapfestradio
DJ Break Beat Lou – @BreakBeatLou
Artist / Designer Eric Orr – @Orrsomeart

Playlist: Music Video: “Vital Lens” by: Beautiful Eulogy (@beautifuleulogy)
Music Video: “Fold Under Pressure” by: T Haddy (@thaddyvip)
Music Video: “The Way” by Richard Dauphin (@RichardDauphin)

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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