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The Corelink Radio Mixshow

The Corelink Radio Mixshow

We all can use some sort of help right, but we typically think in monetary terms, let’s through some other ideas and thoughts out there!

Also, don’t forget, we are now live, every Tuesday evening at 9pm, so you can dial in at 218-339-3600, passcode 234657# around 8:50 and join in the conversation.

Next week’s topic: Fatherhood

Listen now:

Corelink – 9/22/09

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1. Storm feat. Ashleigh Nickole, Applejaxx, Back 2 The Future

2. Smile Feat Blush UK, Victizzle, In My World
3. Clash of The Titans round 2, Christcentric, Didactic Music Vol. 1
4. On Fire, Viktory, Son Of The King
5. Every Day Grind, Clister, Directions 2 Real
7. Warrior Pt. II ft. Jazz Digga K-Drama and J. Johnson, Willie Will, Rhyme & Reason
8. Identity 1: We Fell, Tedashii, Identity Crisis
9. Salt Shaker Intro, Sauce & Pee Dee, The Salt Shaker Mixtape
10. S.P.F. (salvation prevents fire), Humble T.I.P. feat. k-Drama & D-MauB, The Follow Up
11. Genesis 32, Hazakim, Theophanies
12. More Than You’ll Ever Know ft. J.I.G., Jazz Digga, Square One
13. Sin Sick World, Jesus Peace Music, Tearz of Joi
14. Crazie , kuntryboyy, A different World
15. Fool’s Gold, Sojourn, Sojournalism: The Summer Articles
16. The Giver ft. Rhema Soul, Teddy P., Word & Deed
17. We are his, V.O.Y.C.E., The Relationship
18. Gotta Be Me ft Rey King, Cheno Lyfe, Home
19. It’s Cold Outside ft. L Sol, The Rep, Say No More
20. Just A Servant, Voicebox, Eye Witness
21. Second Chance, Chris Lee, Kryptonite
22. The Great-I-AM (feat. T.J. “Da Praying Man”), 3D Remedy, The GREAT-I-AM
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