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withinlogo2Every time I have the chance to go into New York City, whether it is for work or for fun, I’m always reminded of how much I enjoy the city environment. It can be overwhelming-especially if you’re in a car, stuck in traffic; but for me, there is something about that many people going about their daily lives that makes me expectant on experiencing a non-dull moment. And trust, there is never a dull moment in the city…all you have to do is embrace the art of people watching 😉

Everyone is on a mission to get to somewhere in the city. And more often the not, as many people exist in that city, it’s surprising that there is so much disconnection. Eyes are kept on phones. Ears glued to music. And sometimes when I’m there, I have been guilty of doing the same: focused on my destination with my music as my soundtrack. However, that was interrupted yesterday.

I came into the city for work and God showed me something. Arriving into the city with only 30 minutes left to get to my meeting, I prayed that I would quickly find a taxi and get there on time. Faithfully, God answered my prayers and I found myself inside the taxi, relieved and grateful.

And as most of us experience in taxis, the awkward silence where you sometimes can’t believe that you are in the same car as someone and not saying a word—so I did what anyone would do—enter my own little world…in my phone. Suddenly, God pressed on my heart to ask the taxi driver how he was doing. To be quite honest, I didn’t have the energy to engage in conversation. I was more concerned about whether I would arrive timely to my meeting. But I obeyed and I’m glad I did.

Seiko, my taxi driver, was a bit taken back that I was taking the time to ask him how he was doing, but to see his eyes light up and fully embrace the conversation showed me something: people are dying to talk. To share their stories. To express their opinions. To simply be heard.

And as Seiko and I talked about our beloved continent of Africa, as he was from Liberia, we entered into this new space of connectivity. As I heard and felt his passion about his land, his family, his background, I realized in that moment that my obedience in asking him that one simple question had unlocked his voice. His story.

That is the power of conversation. We, as God’s ambassadors, have the opportunity every day to help others unlock their voice. To be heard. To share. To express.

Conversations create the fertile ground for the seeds of life and hope to be planted.

I can’t imagine how many people are walking around in silence because no one would take the time to start a conversation with them.

You have that opportunity today. Don’t miss it. It can start with a mere “Hi” and end with someone’s life being forever altered.

Like golden apples set in silver is a word spoken at the right time. (Proverbs 25:11)

Writen by Yodit Kifle
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