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Freddy Davis III – Wave

Freddy Davis III makes his debut on Holy Culture. In his words, “The wave is more than just a current, but it is the children of God. The wave was originated by the source. As waves, we reach, stretch, and expand no matter what obstacle is in our path. We continue to strive and keep going on the path we have been called to.” Let us know what you think.

We on the way
Way way way for the title
This is no
No no American idol
I’ve been accepted arrive on the land with the message
Oh thats a blessing
Citizenship in Heaven
You wanna see some progression carrying your cross no necklace
Gonna upset the world
Enemy wanna eject us
See my compilation God reflectin
What you expected
We got the energy building integrity give me a second

I feel the wave coming on
They wanna know what we on
Never quit we keep going
Keep that heat upon the stove

feel a way no tide
Free on the inside
You can’t change my mind
What a minute had a change in time
Who Else wanna go fly
Glide or sky dive
Feel the breeze wayla
Feel the peace so I
Free fallen
Gotta fall to our knees often
Trust the Lord He sovereign
Meditation my future callin
No time to waste I can’t afford
Some drive backwards i drive forward
Build bridges some build boards
Either way we all got choice
Hold up
Swim on the beat like my last name was finely
Crusade on a wave like we captured a city
Spirit the motor we driven no hemi
Seain the waves I know He with me
Watchin the bay Malibu to Miami
Stayin hydrated that h20 in me
Ain’t feelin this you a certified hippie
Love for all ppl i’m just being silly

We ain’t tryna catch no case
Gotta be brave with the Faith
Yeah for the money they chase
Wanna make a milll with change
Lookin like that so strange
Marvel gettin these rangs
We don’t just wanna break the bank
Gotta be free with the safe

I feel the wave coming on
They wanna know what we on
Never quit we keep going…
Keep that heat upon the stove…

I feel a wave coming on…
Ain’t nothin change but the zone…
And we stay runnin till we home…
If you cant swim you better float….

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