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cover1Artist Name: Ed Welch
Song Name: New World Order
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Produced by: Ed Welch
CD Name: Who is Ed Welch
CD Release Date: 2010
Follow Me:!/edwelch

New World Order is a song meant to expose the truth aka the gospel. When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, we came under a New World Order. We came under the “order” or leadership of Christ as king versus sin & death. Jesus is Lord and our debt has been paid in full! It is our choice whether we choose to accept this truth and have life more abundantly or continue to struggle in life as we try to do things our way. This song is the declaration of this truth.
Ed Welch is a new artist that raps, sings, and produces music for the Kingdom of God. He lives in Mississippi and does music to be a blessing to the body of Christ and help with the advancement of the Kingdom.

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